Monday, June 26, 2017

Denver Broncos Cheer for this Puerto Vallarta Wedding in Martoca Beach Bucerias

The Denver Broncos Cheer for Christina and Jeremy’s Wedding in Bucerias, Mexico

We love creating custom weddings for all kinds of people and all countries. We
have hosted broadway and movie actors, rockstars, CEO’s, governors, business magnates, doctors and lawyers and sales reps and  students. But as a Broncos football fan that I am (NFL), I have to confess I had a bit extra excitement in my step for this wedding. I truly enjoyed hosting and creating this amazing fiesta for Christina and Jeremy. Christina was the captain for the Denver Broncos cheerleading team for a log time; So, it was a dream for us when she chose Martoca Beach Garden for her venue and our in-house Martoca Weddings team as her designer and planner staff; As we planned, we had a few trick plays in store for Christina!
First, in a process that took over 48 hours and 1,000 man hours, we wrapped her get structure with palm leaves and gave it a palapa look. Instead of just having white cloth covers. It would have maybe looked great at night but in the day time, our designer decided it was not good enough; So she decided to wrap the tubes with actual palm leaves! Amazing. It had never been done before. No one in town had seen this or anywhere else. But that is what happens in Martoca. We create. If the bride allows us freedom to do so, we deliver spectacular designs. Look at this transformation; From a normal tent into a marvelous lighting structure:

Then, after creating this amazing look you see above from scratch, we surprised Christina and the Broncos’ fans with ourMexican version of Thunder, the Broncos’ mascot.. And the crowd went wild!
Thirdly, although not our idea this time, the cheerleading team friends danced a routine for the bride and groom and there er fire dancers and fireworks and all kinds of fun stuff from then on. Take a look for yourself. I am not very good in describing weddings so I will just let the pictures describe the feelings and the scene. All I can tell you is that it was a wild ride! Go Broncos 🙂
Great night. Great new friends. We love our Martoca Weddings team and all our vendors. Martoca Beach Garden can host weddings that are this elaborate or something less spectacular; But we always have fun!
Go Broncos! Go Christina and Jeremy!
Martoca James

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