Monday, September 26, 2016

3 Crucial Factors Before Choosing an Intimate Wedding Venue in Sayulita and Vallarta area Wedding Venue in Bucerias
You are getting married amigos! Congratulations!
All your closest friends and family are ready and RSVP'd for your Puerto Vallarta area wedding. Youknow the area you want, but now you must choose your venue for your intimate wedding. There are seemingly many locations but are they all truly intimate and private and allow your vendors and do they all have excellent references and reviews? No. So how to decide? Well, many factors come into play: Is your wedding large or small? Do you want a garden wedding or a beach wedding? Is it a rustic tropical cultural experience? All these factors and more are important for your final decision on where the ceremony and reception will be held. So let's break it down, the three crucial factors for choosing your wedding venue are: Event Planning and logistics, lodging convenience for guests and Travel viability for all guests.

Find a private Venue that works for you.
Event planning and logistics are extremely important. You must ask yourself if the venue you are booking gives you many options and privacy. Your event planning depends on flexibility in options: Like favorable time frame for example, among other factors. Here is a simple list of what you should ask them if they allow or not or what the restrictions are:

  • Ask if they provide in-house planning for your convenience
  • Ask what budget required for an average wedding for your guest count; Saves yourself time
  • Date availability and ask about weekday versus weekend pricing
  • Do they allow outside vendors and guests without penalty
  • Guest count capacity
  • Do they allow extended time for party or what is final closing time
    Secluded beaches and venues
  • Do they allow fireworks and hot air balloons
  • Do they allow to have ceremony on grass or beach
  • Do they allow the dinner area to be on grass or beach
  • Can you import own photographer, decorations
  • Privacy: No other people around except your guests
Lodging convenience is a huge factor in deciding where to host your ceremony and reception. Many guests decide whether to attend or not based on the hotels or condos available within a 30 minute radius. They need flexibility in price and services. Many people cannot afford 300 dollars a night for 5 nights. Or 300 dollars per person per night like in a top shelf All-Inclusive. So it is important to find a venue that is close to as may lodging options as possible. Here are some points to keep in mind and tips on how to find the perfect venue:
Get a map of the area. Find convenience.

  • Is the venue within 30 minutes from hotels or condos
  • What type of hotels are there close by to venue: 3, 4 and 5 star ranges.
  • Access to condos or houses nearby
  • Does venue provide transportation
  • Does venue have discount deals with hotels
  • Can they provide hotel or lodging finding assistance
  • Emergency Medical facility within 5 minute drive
  • Easy return to hotel for early bird or kids who must go home early
Travel viability for all guests is very important in order to retain all your favorite guests. Not every guest has 5,000 dollars to spend on your wedding vacation. If you want to thin out the guest list then Australia is a great option; Otherwise, you want to choose a location with easy direct flights for many of your guests that does not go over maybe 5 to 6 hours in travel time. No one likes to waste 2 days traveling for a wedding vacation.

  • Is the venue location within 6 to 7 hours for most of your guests
  • What big cities are driving distance for Mexican Guests if a Mexican-American wedding
  • Are charter flights available
  • Can you book 6-12 months out for wedding
These three factors of event, lodging and travel logistics are the most crucial for a venue selection of a destination wedding. Of course there are the other more romantic and intangible factors like fun things to do during vacation, sentimental significance, tours or sightseeing options, etc. These are very important, yet the three main factors pointed out are logistically the most important and they will determine the success of your guest count and logistical success. So combine these with the romantic factors and you will have an amazing wedding vacay for all. We will discuss the romantic factors for Puerto Vallarta weddings in another post. You now have the tools to find an amazing location and venue so you have work to do! 

Have fun!-James or write for more free advice.