Sunday, December 6, 2015

10 Best English Speaking Wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta

Odette having fun in Martoca creating a masterpiece
It is wedding time! You must plan a wedding in a different country with no knowledge of the Spanish language or local connections, and you only have the internet to help you? Scary right? You are not alone. It is a daunting task to find someone you can trust to help you. As a local wedding service provider here in Mexico's West coast, I would like to help. email for help!
Wedding on garden in Martoca 
Martoca Beach Garden for 6 years now has participated, either by hosting or creating, in approximately 250 weddings; So we feel qualified to be a good judge of which wedding planners are worthy of your trust. At least the ones we have seen first hand, I cannot speak for the others in the area who have not worked with us. However, we have had the honor of hosting most of the top English speaking wedding planners in action in our Martoca Beach Garden wedding venue. We also have created our vast share of weddings, so I think I have enough experience to vouch for these professionals. The wedding venue vendor is the one who sees the wedding planner in action from the first moments, even sometimes in site visits and preliminary work before the wedding, all the way up until the last moment of the wedding and sometimes beyond. Also we get the story by the couple on either how happy or how mad they are at their wedding coordinator; So we know who has been naughty or nice!                                                                           Please email 
Wedding by Barbara in Martoca
We have had people cry of joy and cry of anger and frustration because of the service provided by a wedding planner. We have had planners not give deposits back, lose the money from guests gift envelopes or not have the right furniture delivered. We have witnessed weddings that wedding planners simply did not even show up! They send their assistant instead or leave the catering team to take care of the wedding while they do another "more important" wedding. So it is important who you find online and who refers them to you.
Martoca Wedding by In-house team leader Kelley
Here in La Martoca, we believe in good business practices and promoting good business people. I am not getting paid for this by the way. I just think it is good for you to know who you can trust. The choice of course is yours. No need to give our name as referral. My intention is to give you confidence in your wedding choices and to welcome you to Mexico as your destination wedding venue. Do not let uncertainty in planning deter you from your dream beach wedding; simply do your research and you will be fine. This is why I want to help. Email me for any questions for free
Bride and Groom table by Martoca's own Kelley
The wedding planner is the most important piece of your glorious puzzle that is your wedding. These are my top choices if I were planning a wedding for myself in PV, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Sayulita, Punta De Mita etc. Either in a private venue like Martoca, a villa or in hotels (if allowed), these planners can deliver your spectacular dream wedding. As a wedding venue that provides full service but also allows outside vendors and planners, we love to host weddings just as much as creating them ourselves. We have seen in La Martoca first hand how their clients always leave with tears of joy and gratitude. These planners will go the extra mile, answer emails at midnight, find your clutch purse and return it at 4am, find an emergency photographer and more. It is my pleasure to ease your anxiety in finding the best wedding planners in the area who are not only fluent in English, but also have US and Canada style business practices. Of course I can tell you as well who are not to be trusted but I do not like to call out any other vendors in public or without a specific inquiry about their reputation. If you have a vendro's name in mind that you would like to ask about, email me at and I will gladly tell you their record as a wedding planner in Martoca Beach Garden.

Dancefloor and tables in Martoca designed by Citlalli Pena

The following are my top picks for trustworthy English speaking wedding planning services in Vallarta area, as seen by me first hand in Martoca weddings. I will add more as we see them work. I had not kept track before but I will start today. These are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head who I can completely trust with recommending them for your wedding and our reputation as a wedding reception venue.

Kelley Karhkoff (Martoca Weddings in-house planner)
Gaby Rodriguez y Memo Zamora

Martoca beach venue in Bucerias has hosted weddings by these wonderful professionals and we see their work regularly either in Martoca or around the bay; They always deliver amazing weddings successfully and have many happy clients. We are confident you will love to work with any of them in your destination wedding in Mexico. 
Lights and wedding designed Martoca

Please email me with any questions about wedding planners or vendors


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