Saturday, November 21, 2015

Entertain Your Mexico Wedding Guests with Fiestas and Siestas!

So we all know you have a wedding day planned for your Mexico destination wedding, but do you have other activities planned like fiestas and siestas? You must have a 4 or 5 day itinerary planned for your lovely guests if they are coming to your destination wedding. You know they are not just here for the wedding day! So what to do with the other 3 or 4 or up to 6 days? Well, let me help you with some ideas or email for other questions:

Arrival Evening: Welcome drinks set up at the condos or hotel you are staying in. Preferably away from the place of your actual ceremony. In our case our venue is not attached to condos or hotel so if you have a private wedding venue like ours, then you re on a roll already. If you are in a hotel then you m ay want to arrange another place that is not where the ceremony will be held.

Day 2: Fishing and Spa day. I like this day. I like to send the guys on a fishing or diving trip and the girls to a day at the SPA. Specially if final touches are needed before the wedding :)
Evening I let the people have a siesta. Maybe regroup later for night cap and walking around town.

Day 3: Rehearsal Dinner. This evening or day tour is for those who are specially close to you. Many times it is all the guests. But that is up to you. You may have a special dinner at a nice restaurant or a tour for all with ATVs. This is really up to you. The idea is for all to bond before the wedding reception and really "break the ice". So I like the boat tour or the ATV tour for this. But if you want to be traditional you may have a rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant. I suggest something not on the beach since the wedding reception will be on the beach.

Wedding Day: It is time to fiesta for real! I strongly suggest not to have any heavy activities planned for the guests on this day in the morning. Just ask them to relax and prepare. Don't let them get too much sun or eat anything out of the ordinary. You want to avoid any sudden illness or unneccesary emergencies such as a broken foot from the rock diving or whatever. This day is what you have been working, planning and investing your hard earned money on so protect it! have a great fiesta until 1AM or longer! That is the beauty of a private beach wedding venue.

Hangover Day: Many couples and guests fly out the next day. That is rough! I suggest flying out a day after this hangover day. For those who are lucky and can stay an extra day get the Micheladas con Camaron flowing immediately! This concoction of beer and Bloody-Mary mix with cocktail sauces and Shrimp will put you right back into play. I suggest a nice hangover trip with comfortable rides and be in the water a lot; Like a pool or ocean dip area. Once you cure yourself with Micheladas you will be ready for your siesta and your trip the next day!

That my amigos, is how you do fiestas and siestas in your Puerto Vallarta wedding vacation.

Thank You for your comments and patronage!

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