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How to Deal With a Hurricane On Your Beach Wedding Day

Today we touch upon the number one fear of many beach-wedding brides: And no, it is not a drunk uncle doing the running man to Vanilla Ice. No, it is not the lights going out; You can have a candle light dinner and it is very romantic... Or is it the embarrasing toast by your groomsmen? No. So what is the number one fear of an outdoor wedding on the beach? Rain pouring down hard, and even worse, a hurricane! That is the biggest fear of a tropical wedding. So, what do we do about this natural party-pooper?

The best thing to do is avoid the rainy season entirely and hurricane susceptible zones. That is why it is so important and such an advantage to have your wedding in an area like Puerto Vallarta that has the best and most predictable weather as possible. Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias and any towns inside the Bay of Banderas are virtually Hurricane-proof for 8 months out of the year, from late November until early July, it is guaranteed that no hurricanes can form and come into the bay. Now August, September and October and maybe very early November are the "wet season" and those are the months and dates you may be surprised with a heavy shower or worse, a hurricane during your stay. Although hurricanes are very unlikely in Puerto Vallarta. Our last one was 2001. Even so, I suggest to increase your chances of perfect weather by avoiding these seasons and dates as much as possible. The further away your wedding is from the Summer the better your "cool and dry weather" will be. Besides, the temperature is perfect in Winter months so that is another plus! Email me for a chart of best weather! James at

Now that was easy right? But what if you have a set date for your destination wedding and it must be in the summer or early fall? Well, we have some options for how to plan for a rainy day. A hurricane is another matter of course. When planning a wedding in "Wet Season" you should prepare about 2,000 dollars for the event day in case you may need a tent and extra transportations and incidentals. Do not rent a tent unless you need it. What we do is have a back-up plan with a deposit for a stand-by tent, this way you can access it in case you need it, but not spend the entire rental fee unless you are for sure going to have rain. So you pay for example 200 dollars just in case instead of 1,000usd. So you may lose 200 dollars but you have a tent on standby. Or you can risk it and not rent it at all but if it shows rain, many other brides may have planned accordingly and you may be the one with no tent. Also, you can just plan to have the tent all along. Actually many couples have a tent even in perfect weather. So it is up to you. I personally do not like tents. It is too hot and humid under there! Please, If you want more of my opinions,email James at :)

OK so what if there is a hurricane? In this case in our venue I give the bride the option to change the date at no cost. However, if the couple MUST have the wedding during that trip or they were already in Vallarta area and the hurricane just caught everyone off guard then we can find a location that is inside or rent the tent. In our Bay of Banderas, it is very difficult for a hurricane to come into the mountaineous bay. So mostly we worry about rain from the hurricane which may last up to 3 days before or after the hurricane passes close by. Obviously if the hurricane is coming directly towards us and on the actual day of the wedding, we simply have to cancel. We of course will change the date for you. This is our policy but I do not know what is typical of other wedding venues in Mexico. I assume they would work with you but please verify.

Here are some other USA style tips!

OK, so to avoid the risk or rain and/or hurricane, do not have your wedding in July, August, September or October if possible. If not possible, then you need to prepare and have a plan B ready with your wedding planner in Puerto Vallarta. As explained above, there are many possible factors that put fear in a bride, but a hurricane or rain is easily avoidable if well planned. And, even if you do have some rain or hurricane, with a good plan B it will be less scary than someone dropping your wedding cake on the way to the party or the photographer dropping his camera in the pool after your ceremony adn losing all the pictures forever! All these things can and have happened by the way!

Have a great wedding planning day! Email me with your questions please:

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