Saturday, November 28, 2015

Create an Affordable Beach Wedding in Mexico: Tips and Ideas

Can you believe these pictures are from wedding that costs half the price of an average USA or Canadian wedding? Jennie and Colin are savvy money savers who know how to travel and have good fiesta! They were married in La MarToca wedding venue in Puerto Vallarta on November 10, 2015. It was a beautiful wedding. Looks like they spent 25,000USD.  Their lovely reception was not that expensive, yet it was perfectly executed. It was a fun, chic and classy fiesta. A fun classy wedding can be made for about 13,000USD for 50 guests with great photography and all (see pictures here). That is the key to a wedding on the beach that is affordable: Perfect planning with good quality vendors who are not expensive. Email for details

We take great pride in our team of service providers. Wherever you decide to have your wedding please do not mistake the planning as being an easy concept. Or, just because you throw great parties at home do not think you are a destination wedding planner! It is not just finding people on-line and hiring them; We have now what we consider a great team; However, it does not just happen. We went through much trial and error to select the best vendors for an affordable price. After many weddings we have selected our top vendors and our team. We also blackballed many more.

Selecting great and the best vendors on-line is usually pretty easy:  Most of the time you can just hire the most expensive ones and you probably have some of the best, if not the best. However, most people cannot afford the most expensive vendors. They then tend to hire mediocre or cheap services and end up ruining their wedding because they thought they could save 200 dollars on a DJ but the DJ they hired shows up late! Or the catering team they saw on-line cooked the food the day before and did not have proper warmers and the chicken is under 165F and salmonella ensues and the whole party has 2 days of bad stomach aches instead of 2 days of fun times in the pool and touring the bay!

How can you have a great wedding and not break the bank? Hire a professional planner or full planning venue! I know it sounds counterintuitive but it works. What we did as a company to ensure great service and vendors is that we selected the best value vendors. Not necessarily the most expensive. Which means, I suggest you select the ones who provide top quality services without the premium cost of being famous! That is the key to an affordable yet high quality wedding. 

So, maybe you will not have the budget 5,000 dollar cocktail lounge and elegant chic LED decorations. But you do have 1,500USD. We can find those not on-line vendors because we are local and know the system and who is reliable. Can we hire the expensive ones as well? Of course, that is easy. Just give us the money. Anyone can be great if you have 30,000 dollars to spend on 50 guests. The good planners make a 11,000 dollar wedding for 60 guests look and feel like a 30,000 dollar wedding! That is what a professional and a great planning team does for you.

So, wherever you decide to get married make sure you hire a professional to hire your team. You should pay a good wedding planner at least an average fee if not more. I would not go below average price for a planner. Usually if they are good then their whole crew is good. If I were a bride on-line shopping I would go with a planner who charges about 2,000 USD flat fee. Then you will most likely have a good team of service providers who work with her. 

If your planner is cheap that is dangerous because this means they either will charge you on commissions and hidden fees or they are just desperate. Either is not favorable. So it sounds counterintuitive but a cheap or affordable wedding can only be achieved if you hire a top planner or service provider. They will know who to hire in order to make it affordable but fun, classy and with great services. Who do you think knows more people who can hook you up? At least in  work that way. We adjust to your budget but do not hire cheap vendors. We simply tell our great vendors our price budget and limit and find a way to make it affordable. We may not have top sofa quality but we will have the best we can afford! Does this make sense? In other words, an inexpensive wedding does not signify cheap furniture and cheap food. it just means we go with a budget friendly classy menu. our chef is the same we will just serve pork or chicken instead of lobster and jumbo shrimp. Simple and classy is still fun and amazing for your guests!

Happy planning!


  1. We had our wedding here and couldn’t have asked for anything more than what we got with the chef and staff. The food at wedding venues nyc was amazing and my family is still raving about how great it was. The staff was so on top of everything.

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