Monday, October 12, 2015


If you need to decide on a Wedding venue in Mexico, then what coast should it be on? And if the West coast, should it be in Puerto Vallarta? There are many options for guests to have fun and a high safety factor in Puerto Vallarta area. Just like Cancun and others we have in PV all the standard high end tourist port attractions but some special advantages as well. It has access to cruises, marinas, islands, surfing, whale-watching, diving, deep-sea fishing, big city tours 4 hours away, tequila destilaries 2 hours away and culinary magic. It has it all. Let's see where the bay is relative to the West coast:

If you see this map above, you can see that Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by many distict areas that have their own charm. For the purpose of this post we will refer to the whole area as Puerto Vallarta. Once you get here you will see it is a very large bay with many different attractions and terrain. Martoca Beach Garden for example, ( is located for example 30 minutes north of Vallarta Proper in Bucerias, (Riviera Nayarit) yet it is in the middle of the action only 30 minutes from the airport but it is a totally different vibe than the city. Think of your Downtown in your city versus the lake area in the suburbs. 
Anyway, let's get to work or email for other questions 

  • PRO: The weather is simply unbeatable in Puerto Vallarta for your wedding. If you set the date in between December and early June you are practically guaranteed that no rain will ruin your 30,000 dollar destination wedding in Mexico. THIS IS A HUGE PRO that out ways almost any other con. Protecting that investment is key.
  • CON: Cancun has not such a reliable rain-dry season. It can rain any day at any time. Some times more than others but not so set as PV.
  • PRO: Cancun has better water color and beaches than Puerto Vallarta. No question. 
  • CON: Puerto Vallarta proper has OK beaches as compared to the Caribbean. In order to compete with the beauty of the beaches in the Caribbean you need to visit the best beaches in the area of the Bay of Banderas which are actually about 30 minutes north or south of Puerto Vallarta. These beaches are in Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta de Mita AKA. Riviera Nayarit. And on the North Side of Vallarta you have some hidden small beaches but beautiful areas near Conchas Chinas, Yelapa, Quimixto, Amapas, Los Arcos... All of these areas both North and South are inside the Bay of Banderas as seen above in the map yet they are not in Puerto Vallarta proper. So I guess that is a downside but easily overcome by staying in these other areas and not PV proper. The Airport is central to all areas so you can go north or south after arrival to your favorite resort and beach.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta has amazing over the ocean sunsets and even over the mountains with ocean combination which makes for great ceremony pictures.
  • CON: In Cancun, or the East for that matter, the sunsets away from the ocean and you do not get to see sunsets over the ocean in your pictures. Some exceptions if you are in coves or on the lagoon and such but for the most part you can see some amazing sunrises at 5am. I have seen them coming out of the clubs.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta is an actual city with history, colonial charm,  hillside arquitectural gems and cobblestone streets that have been around since the 1800s. 
  • CON: Puerto Vallarta does not have the high-end Miami like infrastructure and Shops and Malls and night life as Cancun area (exept for the world famous pyrimids of course).
  • CON: The flights and Puerto Vallarta hotel packages are 20 or 30% more expensive than Cancun packages. The actual wedding reception costs the same but the flight/hotel packages are less. And Cancun is closer to the Eas Coast peeps.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta is a shorter flight away to the West coast of USA and Canada than Caribbean (Cancun area). 
  • PRO: PV has Whale-watching Nov-March. And some good diving but for professionals mostly. If your guests have never seen a huge humpback whale this is a major plus! Perfect tour for "rehearsal dinner" day.
  • CON: Cancun has world-class snorling and SCUBA diving for all levels. PV not so much.
  • PRO: In Puerto Vallarta there are amazing mountains!
  • CON: Cancun is Flat as Kansas but on the ocean.
You won't see this in Cancun:

Cancun has cheaper flights and has the best beaches and it has Chichen itza within an hour and a half drive. But, PV has the best weather, closest flights to the West coast, awesome sunsets, whale-watching, mountains and a colonial cultural feel that is non-existent in Cancun and this lends itself to better overall cultural experience and more diverse options for wedding venues and tours. We have been selected as the friendliest city in Mexico and fifth in the World recently so their is that as well. In Cancun we have not experienced the same level of service and happiness overall in the locals. I think it is because we get to see the Sunset over the ocean and get to see the whales 4 months out of the year!

Decided it is:
Vallarta by a whale!

This blog is created as a courtesy to all lovely couples who are debating whether to get married in Mexico or Vallarta versus Cancun and visitors of Mexico in general. is a wedding venue expert in Riviera Nayarit (close to PV) and is located in Bucerias which is a small village about 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta City. Bucerias is actually an amazing fishing village with awesome beaches and provides the small town cultural experience for those who want more than just an All-Inclusive beach vacation. Email me, james, at for more info and booking!


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