Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Keep Your Guests Safe! Follow 13 Steps for Mexico Weddings

Mexico is a great place to have a your destination wedding. So it is Pachanga time! A wonderful
week of fun for you and your guests is in the works! You already concluded that destination weddings are much more fun and memorable than conventional weddings; Now let's give you tips on how to accomplish this safely:

  • Everyone have your passports and travel plans ready in advance.
  • If getting married legally have your legal paperwork ready and blood tests.
  • Make reservations in hotels, condos or villas close to the wedding venue. 
  • If possible find accommodations for guests near the private venue or, some venues have lodging on-site. 
  • It is recommended to have a car rented for the group to share or a large van and private driver for the week. It is fun and it saves on trasportation and it is convenient and the safest option. You can have the planner arrange this for you with trusted vendors.
  • If staying in private villas or condos hire a chef and maid (usually included) so you have excellent meals and safely cooked and maid is vetted. 
  • Have control of the group. If they go out to bars after 2AM make sure they are safe zones. Just like in any city in the USA or Canada there are areas you do not want to party in. Use common sense here please. 
  • Meet with your guests and have a talk. Let them know this is about you and your special week; If they want to go crazy and get in fights and chase springbreakers etc. they can come back at a later date with their buddies. This is your day and week and it would be a shame to have it ruined by a bar fight or worse.
  • Do not buy drugs from unknown sources. 
  • If you need to have drugs for guests, it is safe to have someone you can trust do so. A local from your planning team can help and do it safely. 
  • Do not flash cash to the waiters in clubs or get too drunk without a sober or much less intoxicated friend around.
  • Do not carry back anything to USA or bring to Mexico anything in plane that is not clothes, souvenirs or a lot of cash. 
  • Do not trust vendors who are not reviewed on-line or vetted by other vendors. 

Mexico is very safe for tourism. The statistics are there for you to review. millions visit and only a few have problems you hear about on the news. And believe me, if it bleeds it leads. So if all you have heard about is one or two tourists who suffered a crime in Mexico recently then that is a very minor amount compared to the millions who visit. 

 So just apply common sense. A local wedding planning team should be able to help. We offer the full services and take care of our guests. We even prepare culinary tours and other arrangements for the guests if they like. Whatever makes you feel safe and relaxed. it is all about creating an amazing dream wedding adventure!


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