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Puerto Vallarta Weddings: Where to Stay? MAPS & LINKS and REVIEWS

Where should the guests stay during my wedding in the Banderas Bay area and what are the benefits or disadvantages of the different towns and locations? This is a frequent question from brides who are getting married in the Puerto Vallarta area which is all part of a very large bay.  So, in order to include as many locations as are relevant to the Sayulita-Bucerias-Vallarta corridor, I must describe these towns briefly and with help of a map for the different locations that are excellent choices for your guests. I grew up here in the area and know what people always want to know regarding where to stay during their wedding vacation. I have answered this many times. However, since this is a general overview it will not be too specific. These are general pointers and tips that direct you to the next step or if you need detailed information we can help with our wedding services. 
Email for detailed info.

Most of the confusion of our tourists are generated because Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit are mentioned together often, yet one is a city and one is a state. PV is actually a city located in the state of Jalisco while Nayarit is the state that borders Jalisco. Nayarit however did not have a major city close to Puerto Vallarta. Only small villages were close by. Since these were all small towns but no major towns that were famous, they had no single identity like PV did; Nor did they have an airport. So, Puerto Vallarta is the name people recognize but the other towns are where people love to stay and go to the beach and get married in; so we named all this section with towns Riviera-Nayarit so we could promote them as one. But in reality there are many different towns. So it is like the San Francisco Bay area where San Francisco was and is the most famous city but there are many cities and areas to visit both North and South of the San Francisco city area such as San Jose, Santa Cruz, Napa, Oakland and so on. Or think of California in general, Puerto Vallarta would be where Los Angeles is and San Francisco area would be where Riviera-Nayarit is and Caletas,Yelapa, Mismaloya and Careyes are is where San Diego would be. I hope this makes sense, when I explain it to my American clients it makes sense since so many are familiar with California. Here is a great description of the Bay of Banderas area with maps and photos.

AREA OVERVIEW LINK good descriptions here in Banderas News publication. Or this link is very good as well.  BAY AREA LOCATIONS

Martoca Wedding Garden Venue is located on the beach where the red arrow is (see picture of La Martoca and map below) which is the town and residencial area of Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit. Bucerias is a small village with all the charm you think of when people describe a Mexican coastal village. It has a plaza (main Square) surrounded by shops and eateries and food stands and fun bars with ex-pats and locals. It is very convenient for those who want to be near Puerto Vallarta airport (20 minute drive) and downtown PV (40 minute drive) and only 10 minute drive from Nuevo Vallarta (not a village just residencial area and hotels) which in my opinion has all the hotel types you can ask for and even private condos and homes.

In general terms,  this video of the area helps to describe Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay. PV is in the middle of the bay as you can see in the above map. The Airport is even closer to Nayarit which is full of hotels and beach towns. So PV proper is south of the airport and Riviera-Nayarit is North of the airport. So, what is Riviera Nayarit? It is a relatively new term coined and promoted by the government and hoteliers, so that the tourism industry can describe the entire north side of the bay and even outside of the bay in one word; Much the same as Riviera Maya describes the strip of Cancun towards Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Nowadays, PV and Nayarit (another state) have teamed up as a brand and produced Vallarta-Nayarit for promotional and funding purposes. But do not be confused please. I will sort it out very easily here below. 

OK so, the city of PV is the main hub but now you know we have many towns and beaches all surrounding the main city and attraction that downtown Vallarta is and it's airport as well. I suggest to couples to decide if they want to be in the main city or if they want beaches or if they want seclusion. Basically those are the main differences between all these areas.


Bucerias is all about location and coastal village charm. Overall the best located town with the "best of both worlds" location for those who want some local culture and walking distance bars and amazing beach and short cab rides to PV and NV and Airport which are all less than a 10 dollar cab ride from your hotel or condo. Bucerias is not in PV, but still inside the bay and around everything like supermarket, restaurants, tours, marina, hotel zone, pharmacy, hospital and airport and 5 star hotels 5 minutes away in Nuevo Vallarta. This is where Martoca Wedding Venue is located and my hometown; So we may be a bit biased! Email:

Puerto Vallarta is for those who want to be downtown and see the historical town. See the nightlife and the original colonial town and walking around everywhere with the jungle and mountains meeting the town. It is amazing and romantic. Beaches are just OK. PV is more famous for the town and mountains rather than the beaches. Beautiful beaches are either north or south from downtown. Hotels here are up to 5 star and some BandB and Beautique hotels. There are many LGBT friendly hotels in the south part of town known as Olas Altas where the main pier is located. 

Nuevo Vallarta is the most complete residencial and hotel area since it is a newer area it was built as a tourist zone. Hotels of all levels and types are located here. No local villagers per se or village life here, but it has great hotels and some good restaurants and a few shopping areas. It does have a great beach and it is only 10 minutes from airport. It is a great choice for those who just want all-inclusives and great beaches and maybe visit PV a couple of times. Hotels listed here from 7 diamond to 3 star and condos. Email me, James, for fun accommodations!


South Puerto Vallarta includes Mismaloya, Yelapa, Quimixto and Conchas Chinas and some other secluded beach villas and BandBs.

North Puerto Vallarta (AKA Riviera-Nayarit) This is the best web site I have found that describes the towns in the area known as Riviera-Nayarit. Where we believe the best locations are for those who want to be on the beach but away from the hussle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta proper. For secluded beaches or towns and mansions. We recommend La Cruz Marina, Punta Esmeralda, Veneros, Rancho Banderas, Punta de Mita.


Sayulita is known as a surfer camping beach town that probably has the most foreign influence and "artsy vibe" of all of the ones mentioned. It is ex-pat heaven and surfing friendly town outside the bay. On the north side and in the heart of Riviera Nayarit. If you like to be among ex-pats and locals alike then this is a great choice. It is open water so the beaches are beautiful but not as safe for kids as Bucerias or Nuevo Vallarta. Some of our guests like to practice surfing there. If you can stay in a fancy villa it will be amazing. Just do not expect to go to a nice super market close by or a colonial city. A bit dirty and dusty but it does have personality. It is a mix of million dollar villas and tent packing surfers. It is realistically about 1.5 hours from Downtown Puerto Vallarta by bus or shared cab and in a private car or cab it would be about 1 hour drive. I recommend this highly for a younger crowd or adventurous middle-aged couples. I do not recommend for senior couples or handicap people. 

San Pancho is a very nice secluded beach town with great seafood restaurants about 1.5 hours from Puerto Vallarta's downtown area by bus or shared cab. In a private car you could do it in one hour. So if you want a town that is away from the crowd this is it. Beautiful beach and surfing available. Clean yet with cobblestone streets and well organized. I love San Pancho but I would not consider it a Puerto Vallarta because your guests will maybe see Puerto Vallarta once when they arrive an once when they leave. Same goes for Sayulita. If you want a secluded beach town that has enough amenities, but not everything you need like a big super market etc. they you are in the right place. I would rent a car.

So stay in PV area or Riviera-Nayarit, either one will fabulous!  and enjoy a spectacular vacation and a dream wedding! Anywhere you choose to stay will be fabulous int he end. As long as the margaritas and Coronas are flowing you shall be fine.
Bienvenidos Amigos please email for my personal advice for your wedding day if you like; I will be happy to help for free. Or call, 1956358-8701 USA or (329)298-0008

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Keep Your Guests Safe! Follow 13 Steps for Mexico Weddings

Mexico is a great place to have a your destination wedding. So it is Pachanga time! A wonderful
week of fun for you and your guests is in the works! You already concluded that destination weddings are much more fun and memorable than conventional weddings; Now let's give you tips on how to accomplish this safely:

  • Everyone have your passports and travel plans ready in advance.
  • If getting married legally have your legal paperwork ready and blood tests.
  • Make reservations in hotels, condos or villas close to the wedding venue. 
  • If possible find accommodations for guests near the private venue or, some venues have lodging on-site. 
  • It is recommended to have a car rented for the group to share or a large van and private driver for the week. It is fun and it saves on trasportation and it is convenient and the safest option. You can have the planner arrange this for you with trusted vendors.
  • If staying in private villas or condos hire a chef and maid (usually included) so you have excellent meals and safely cooked and maid is vetted. 
  • Have control of the group. If they go out to bars after 2AM make sure they are safe zones. Just like in any city in the USA or Canada there are areas you do not want to party in. Use common sense here please. 
  • Meet with your guests and have a talk. Let them know this is about you and your special week; If they want to go crazy and get in fights and chase springbreakers etc. they can come back at a later date with their buddies. This is your day and week and it would be a shame to have it ruined by a bar fight or worse.
  • Do not buy drugs from unknown sources. 
  • If you need to have drugs for guests, it is safe to have someone you can trust do so. A local from your planning team can help and do it safely. 
  • Do not flash cash to the waiters in clubs or get too drunk without a sober or much less intoxicated friend around.
  • Do not carry back anything to USA or bring to Mexico anything in plane that is not clothes, souvenirs or a lot of cash. 
  • Do not trust vendors who are not reviewed on-line or vetted by other vendors. 

Mexico is very safe for tourism. The statistics are there for you to review. millions visit and only a few have problems you hear about on the news. And believe me, if it bleeds it leads. So if all you have heard about is one or two tourists who suffered a crime in Mexico recently then that is a very minor amount compared to the millions who visit. 

 So just apply common sense. A local wedding planning team should be able to help. We offer the full services and take care of our guests. We even prepare culinary tours and other arrangements for the guests if they like. Whatever makes you feel safe and relaxed. it is all about creating an amazing dream wedding adventure!

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If you need to decide on a Wedding venue in Mexico, then what coast should it be on? And if the West coast, should it be in Puerto Vallarta? There are many options for guests to have fun and a high safety factor in Puerto Vallarta area. Just like Cancun and others we have in PV all the standard high end tourist port attractions but some special advantages as well. It has access to cruises, marinas, islands, surfing, whale-watching, diving, deep-sea fishing, big city tours 4 hours away, tequila destilaries 2 hours away and culinary magic. It has it all. Let's see where the bay is relative to the West coast:

If you see this map above, you can see that Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by many distict areas that have their own charm. For the purpose of this post we will refer to the whole area as Puerto Vallarta. Once you get here you will see it is a very large bay with many different attractions and terrain. Martoca Beach Garden for example, ( is located for example 30 minutes north of Vallarta Proper in Bucerias, (Riviera Nayarit) yet it is in the middle of the action only 30 minutes from the airport but it is a totally different vibe than the city. Think of your Downtown in your city versus the lake area in the suburbs. 
Anyway, let's get to work or email for other questions 

  • PRO: The weather is simply unbeatable in Puerto Vallarta for your wedding. If you set the date in between December and early June you are practically guaranteed that no rain will ruin your 30,000 dollar destination wedding in Mexico. THIS IS A HUGE PRO that out ways almost any other con. Protecting that investment is key.
  • CON: Cancun has not such a reliable rain-dry season. It can rain any day at any time. Some times more than others but not so set as PV.
  • PRO: Cancun has better water color and beaches than Puerto Vallarta. No question. 
  • CON: Puerto Vallarta proper has OK beaches as compared to the Caribbean. In order to compete with the beauty of the beaches in the Caribbean you need to visit the best beaches in the area of the Bay of Banderas which are actually about 30 minutes north or south of Puerto Vallarta. These beaches are in Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta de Mita AKA. Riviera Nayarit. And on the North Side of Vallarta you have some hidden small beaches but beautiful areas near Conchas Chinas, Yelapa, Quimixto, Amapas, Los Arcos... All of these areas both North and South are inside the Bay of Banderas as seen above in the map yet they are not in Puerto Vallarta proper. So I guess that is a downside but easily overcome by staying in these other areas and not PV proper. The Airport is central to all areas so you can go north or south after arrival to your favorite resort and beach.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta has amazing over the ocean sunsets and even over the mountains with ocean combination which makes for great ceremony pictures.
  • CON: In Cancun, or the East for that matter, the sunsets away from the ocean and you do not get to see sunsets over the ocean in your pictures. Some exceptions if you are in coves or on the lagoon and such but for the most part you can see some amazing sunrises at 5am. I have seen them coming out of the clubs.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta is an actual city with history, colonial charm,  hillside arquitectural gems and cobblestone streets that have been around since the 1800s. 
  • CON: Puerto Vallarta does not have the high-end Miami like infrastructure and Shops and Malls and night life as Cancun area (exept for the world famous pyrimids of course).
  • CON: The flights and Puerto Vallarta hotel packages are 20 or 30% more expensive than Cancun packages. The actual wedding reception costs the same but the flight/hotel packages are less. And Cancun is closer to the Eas Coast peeps.
  • PRO: Puerto Vallarta is a shorter flight away to the West coast of USA and Canada than Caribbean (Cancun area). 
  • PRO: PV has Whale-watching Nov-March. And some good diving but for professionals mostly. If your guests have never seen a huge humpback whale this is a major plus! Perfect tour for "rehearsal dinner" day.
  • CON: Cancun has world-class snorling and SCUBA diving for all levels. PV not so much.
  • PRO: In Puerto Vallarta there are amazing mountains!
  • CON: Cancun is Flat as Kansas but on the ocean.
You won't see this in Cancun:

Cancun has cheaper flights and has the best beaches and it has Chichen itza within an hour and a half drive. But, PV has the best weather, closest flights to the West coast, awesome sunsets, whale-watching, mountains and a colonial cultural feel that is non-existent in Cancun and this lends itself to better overall cultural experience and more diverse options for wedding venues and tours. We have been selected as the friendliest city in Mexico and fifth in the World recently so their is that as well. In Cancun we have not experienced the same level of service and happiness overall in the locals. I think it is because we get to see the Sunset over the ocean and get to see the whales 4 months out of the year!

Decided it is:
Vallarta by a whale!

This blog is created as a courtesy to all lovely couples who are debating whether to get married in Mexico or Vallarta versus Cancun and visitors of Mexico in general. is a wedding venue expert in Riviera Nayarit (close to PV) and is located in Bucerias which is a small village about 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta City. Bucerias is actually an amazing fishing village with awesome beaches and provides the small town cultural experience for those who want more than just an All-Inclusive beach vacation. Email me, james, at for more info and booking!

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Your family said yes! Fireworks are in order. You properly convinced them that Mexico is a great choice for all of you to have a destination wedding; Specially in Rivera-Nayarit where you can enjoy not only beach but also mountains, islands, colonial and romantic cities.
Save money! You have showed then how getting married in Mexico will save about 10,000dollars for an average wedding compared to local weddings. And, if money is no object, then you show them how you get so much more than just savings with a destination wedding. You already agreed with them that you will enjoy the family so much more with a 5 to 7 day vacation of which no one will be able to get out of constantly with quick office calls or routine cumbersome obligations that happen all the time with home based weddings. 
The time you will have with all your guests will be pure quality time. Time you cannot put a price on. And they all know it. So, to celebrate with all of them that they made the best choice of their lives, we must make an amazing meal for them in your wedding, one that they will remember forever and talk about and brag about to all your friends back home, whom you had to cut off the list because they are not worthy, ha, ha. Just kidding. But seriously, we want your guests to brag. After the memories of what people wore and how the decorations looked and who sat where you are left with usually 2 or three main memories: The actual emotions and dancing and fun you had among your loved ones and the amazing dinner you had. Think about it. What do you remember of a wedding you went to years ago? Unless the food was spectacular and the emotions with your friends and family were high and you had a great date or something like that, you do not remember anything about the actual reception. Which is why a destination wedding is so much more impressive than having a reception at home. 
So, how can you create legendary memories? Offer amazing culturally rich dishes and fun presentations like a full blown taco stand on the wedding garden! 

Deliver to your guests more than a delicious plated 3 course dinner; Ideally you want to generate the type of memories that come up in every thanksgiving dinner. Your guests should experience a culinary cultural awakening. One that will change your family's view of Mexican food forever and one that will give them genuine moving lifetime memories. You know, like when your granddad tells the same story of the fish he caught? But the memory we are after would be more like- "Remember at your wedding in Bucerias when we caught a huge Mahi-Mahi and your chef cooked it for us for your amazing wedding dinner? We had that wood grilled fish what was it called?" As he looks over to you and says-"Hey Honey, thank you for that great trip. We all want to go back!"- that is what our goal is in Martoca Weddings. We will create a menu that you will have to hear about for years and your vacation/wedding parties and the whole week will be legendary in your family.

A Cultural Cuisine Awakening Menu ideally has 5 parts and itinerary would be such as this sample:

  • Welcome Snacks
  • Appetizers 
  • 3 course Dinner
  • Late Night Taco Stand
  • Coffee Bar and Sweets

"Antojitos" or Welcome Appetizers (left)
Welcome your guests and set the mood with "Botanas" these street food classics like "Papitas con Chile" and "Chicharrones" and "Fruta Picada" with "Aguas Frescas". These are street junk food found all over Mexico and are known as botanas. Snacks as you know them and we recommend homemade sliced potatoe chips and pork rinds and fuits all served with their obligatory lime and chile sauce and fresh fruit flavor water like limonade for example.

"Varitas de Camaron"(right) Shrimp served on a stick cooked a la roasted marshmellows if you will. It is a marinated basted shrimp with a tangy spicy sauce and cooked on our Mango Wood fire grill. Served with the All-Mexican Lime.

Another local fave, Ceviche Tostadas (below). Wild caught Snapper or Grouper or flounder minced and Cured and marinated with lime and mixed with "pico de gallo" (tomatoes, onions, cilantro and chile serrano) Served on a hard toasted corn tortilla.

"Montaditos" or "Molletes" is like a crostini on a baguette and it is all over Mexico but we call our bread "bolillo" or "birote". We toast a slice of bolillo and spread over it delicious pork lardon rich refried beans spread and top it with Panela Cheese. "Panela"is Mexico's similar cheese to Mozarella. However it has more form and you can roast it and give it smoky flavor. So we do just that! We dab abit of sauce on the panela and bam! Deliciousness.
Or serve mini shrimp ceviche bowls in a clay pot with your names handpainted on them (below).

"Tostadas de Atun": Think Sashimi meets tostada. We toast mini tortillas and top them with thin sliced fresh tuna marinated in fish sauce and spices and spicy tangy deliciousness. Not hot. But spicy as in spices.

"Flautas" are so good. A fried tortilla roll up. Flautas can be made with anything so you decide. Classics are with shredded pork or chicken that was braised and cooked in a green or red sauce or, we can use refried beans and panela like before or "queso fresco". Then deep fried to perfection. No mess. It is a big hit.
So many more appetizers to choose from! Have fun taste testing.

1rst course of dinner portion of the evening try "Chilpachole" it is originally from the gulf of Mexico and very similar to gumbo. Spanish and frech influence of course just like in New Orleans. This dish originally from veracruz area where my dad was raised. So I learned it fom him. The recipe is:

  • Cangrejo Moro (swamp crab) or Jaiba (Blue Shell ocean crab)
  • Shrimp (optional and may substitute crab if you must for guests who do not like crab but then it would not be my dad's recipe!)
  • Ancho, guajillo and arbol peppers, garlic, mirepoix, butter, seafood stock.
  • Deseed peppers and soak in fish stock water until soft an use pulp.
  • Clean all shell fish and sautee with mirepoix and butter and reserve shell fish. Deglace with pepper and fish stock liquid.
  • Simmer stock and put crab back in. Do not put shrimp back in until service because shrimp is cooked already. People always over cook seafood for some reason. it should be crunchy and juicy!
This soup is a tremendous hit. I made it for my boss in Whole Foods when i had to use 16 unds of Alaska crab that they were going to throw out and i made it for the restaurant in the store and they went nuts. I had to give 7 recipe cards to customers and we sold out in 1 hour. The social media of the store blew up and I got 5 "Whole Bucks" from the director to spend on coffe as a reward. WoHoo!

For the main course try a "Pescado Sarandeado". Grilled fish at low heat so the juices also braise meat so it is a grill/braise combination. We find the fish or fishes we need for the amount of guests you have and then we begin...
We get a fish that either you guys caught, or one we buy one from fishermen that deliver it fresh and begin to prepare the most awesome dish your guests will ever have as far as fish goes. So here are the steps to make this amazing dish:

Pescado Sarandeado Recipe:

  • For fire use coal and Mango or Mangle wood (special flavors from smoke occur) 
  • Marinate fish in sauce for 2 hours. Cut fish in butterfly and try and keep whole and leave scales on. Need large scaled fish so that is why we need groupers, snappers or seabass will do as well. 
  • Use a fish rack and place fish scales down toward heat and let it cook for 30 minutes at low heat. The top you can broil or cook the top very quickly to sear and then flip. it depends on your grill how you would do it. Baste the fish with the sauce or "mojo" 3 or 4 times so it has a crust once it is finsihed.
  • Depending on your party you can place the fish whole and have servers cut it and serve it as it was in the beginning of time or you can have them plate it and serve it plated and guests will only see the plate with the fish and rice and veggies.
  • Serve with vinagette grilled or a salad and plain white rice and hot freshly made tortillas and butter fried bolillos. The sauce of the fish and the fish itself will do the talking no need for spicy or sauces on the sides. Make sure you salt and pepper the fish raw right before cooking!
"Pescado Sarandeado"is usually ordered for the family at the beach or restaurant. Not typicaly a per person dish because to make it properly you need the whole fish and scales to retain the juices. A properly coooked sarandeado has a crust on top and crispy scales but juicy on the inside. Do not use high heat because you will burn outside and not give the inside a chance to cook through. The scales are good protection but not fireproof!

OK the "mojo" is the key. So to make the mojo we use many local ingredients but for you in the US you can use BBQ sauce and mix in some Mexican hot sauce like Valentina or Cholula for example. We make our own roasted tomatoe paste mix with fish sauce (vinegar and fish stock) and cane sugar which equals (ketchup) and braise it with Guajillo, cascabel peppers and marjoram, chili powder, achite, oregano, mustard, seeds, garlic, bayleaves and balck pepper. Strain and reduce. Once you have a consistency to baste with you are golden. It is a BBQ sauce really... So if you are in the Midwest or South in USA you know whats up. ha,ha. You can make your own BBQ sauce. Ours is delicious I promise and what makes it a local flavor is the Mango or Mangle wood and the Guajillo and Achiote flavors. So if you have a BBQ sauce add some guajillo and Achiote and see what happens! Play with it. 
OK back to your wedding day menu :) 

3rd course can be an assortment of Mexican desserts and fruit preserves and cheeses  or custards such as flan or a cake like tres leches.... churros an Ice Cream etc. Desserts are not my forte but we will have the best pastry chef to make you a wonderful wedding cake or cakes for the dessert potion or go with custards and such.

Late Night Munchies

A Late Night Taco Stand is the perfect closure for such a savory wedding day! Guests need to eat about every 3 or 4 hours so around 11pm you need to have some tacos! Now we have all the salsas and guacamole ready from before so all you need to do is decide on what type of fillings to have in your tacos. Remember you do not want to be messy or dripping all over the place so I suggest "dry" or grilled tacos as opposed to "Guisado" tacos. Guisado is braising and braising means liquid and mess. So I suggest you go with "Tacos al Pastor" which are very popular and give a great show. Pastor means sheperd and they are called this because you just put the meat next to the wood fire and let it cook and put the meat on the tortilla with some sauce on it and listo! BUt of course we elaborate a bit and make it more fun. We slice pork shoulder and beef shoulder and mix these two after marinating them overnight with a vinagrette and Achiote. Then we skewer each filet onto the spit. And then we put close to the fire and roast the meat while spinning the spit like a vertical rotisserie. And let me tell you it is delicious! We roast a pinnaple to counter the smoky flavor and bam! You have tacos al pastor. Served with diced onions and cilantro and a chunk of pinnaple. We serve salsas on the table next to our guacamole. We make quesadillas for those who do not like beef or pork.

Sweet Tooth Nightcap
Churros and Coffee for a night cap. We make the churros on site as well in our deep fry bowl. It is a doughnut style mix of flour and sugar and eggs with vainilla and it is just delicious with coffee. We serve them on a stick or on butcher paper so you do not get sugar and oil everywhere and so you can dip them in your coffee. Our coffee will have cinnamon sticks and bitter cocoa powder in it like Mexican Coffee should have. And, if you want we can add Tequila and flame it for some cool special effects! It just depends if you want to go longer or start shutting it down about 1AM.

To enhance your wedding culinary extravaganza you should have hand made tortillas, salsas and guacamole made tableside. Unlike hotels, we make our dishes and appetizers on site on the day of your wedding. 

Our venue is focused on creating a Mexico feel inside the venue and therefore we will create "puestos" or stands like you see on the streets and your guests will see all these dishes being created in front of their eyes if they want to. We would never distract for your bug day and the spotlight is on you, but cooking is entertainment so if you are on a budget let us be your entertainment! So find a venue that can do this for you if you are on a budget it is a great experience for all and cheaper than a live band :) I am a food and bar guy. But many couples do not focus on their menu. I do. I think couples who are getting married in Mexico should enjoy local cuisine and make it part of their entertainment in the wedding. It is almost a let down for me to cook sliders and steaks for a group who hires our services. I just think to myself, what a wasted opportunity to impress guests and with this impression you thank them and make their trip worthy of their time and money.

I want your granddad to wonder for the rest of his life how the hell that Mexican guy made that amazing fish! At thanksgiving next time hopefully you all can remind him and say-"Hey papaw, it was called Pescado Sarandeado, remember? Let them know Jimmy hooked it up!
Email to get details on how to make it happen!