Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Entertain Your Wedding Guests in Puerto Vallarta Area

I have found that most brides are a bit at a loss in a destination wedding when they have ot been here before and do not really know what to plan for the days before the wedding or the days after for their guests. So, I decided to help out via blog. I believe that Puerto Vallarta is a perfect destination because it offers such a variety of activities for guests before and after the wedding. Mountain trails, Zip lines, horseback and ATV availability plus the typical ocean activities are all available and even whale watching and mantaray watching if in winter time. Perhaps some surfing?

However my preferred option is a bit of a culture shock tour and a guided off the beaten path tour. If you traveled to a different country and never seen the real folks in their daily activities then you might as well stay in  LA or South Padre. Actually, they are just as Mexican now as Puerto Vallarta now so it maybe a bad example haha, but that is another matter for another day. Invite your guests to rent some  transportation like Jeeps or Vans or ATVs depending on ages and adventurous levels and get a guide to take you to the markets and non tourist areas. I promise everyone will love this. It is not like the Caribbean where if you leave the hotel you feel unsafe. Puerto Vallarta is safe everywhere.
I recently took my  college professor and his famiy on a tour myself and they loved it. They were here on a cruise ship. He told me a week in advance he was coming so I had to think fast. I had not seen him since 1994 when I graduated so it was a great surprise, I prepared with a Jeep for the young crowd of four and a Honda Element for us three older farts for comfort. They loved it. I took them to the market to see how locals get there groceries and all te varieties of tacos. We had a blast and they learned so much. They had not seen an almond tree, a tamarind fruit tree, a mango tree or how people in Mexico who are not in a 200,000 dollar condo live. They saw the best sites in old town and I gave them a historical account of all the cool spots. We visited movie sets where the kids saw the "Predator" movie set and I took them to see mansions on the beach. We even went to a tequila destillary where they learned all about tequila and got a few shots and bottles. Also stopped at a friend´s place for hand rolled cigars on the river Cuale bridge. All in 5 hours or so. When I sent them off to the ship they were so happy. All this for about 300 dollars.

So, if you are in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere in Mexico I recommend for you and your guests to take some tours but most importantly try a custom off the beaten path day. I would volunteer but if I am not available email me to james@martoca.com and I can recommend some friends to help you organize a fun day for your guests.
See these images and see why sightseeing and messing around town would be a day to remember... so romantic! http://bit.ly/miOqez

Also, try a rehearsal fiesta instead of a night in a restaurant before the wedding. Martoca has a "street food fiesta" option where your guests can have an interactive day with our chefs and try all kinds of street food while cooking and preparing recipes without the risk of sickness. So live a little and try new things, experience the romantic town of Puerto Vallarta. I will explain in my next post. You will love it!

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