Sunday, June 12, 2011

In a Mexico Wedding: A Taco Bar is a MUST

It is midnight and it has been now 5 consecutive hours of fun drinking and dancing so the guests are now ready to refuel or call it a night. Do not worry, the "cena de desvelados" is here. This is what "munchies" are called in Mexico, haha. They are not munchies really, in all seriousness it is a midnight station we set up for the guests so they do not have to go out to eat and also it helps to mitigate the effect an open bar can have on indulgent guests. Basically a buzz killer. it is necessary in order to get people to calm themselves a bit and get ready to head back to the hotel around 1am.
Typically in Mexico we bring a taco station in and have tacos al pastor. These are beef and pork tacos from meat cooked on a rotating spit. They are amazing and fun to watch as they make them if not watch Ricky Martin on this video Watch Ricky Martin as he tries to prepare some. It is in Spanish but in minute 1:30 you will see a pro do it:).

The other favorite is quesadillas which is the tortilla filled with cheese and meat and of course all kinds of salsas. Chilaquiles are fried corn chips boiled in sauce and are excellent plated and served on a late night buffet. They may be marinated and served with spicy red or green habanero sauce. This will kill the buzz for sure!

My personal favorite are the tacos and they are so easy to set up. After having tacos I recommend brides to offer a Mexican coffe station where the guests can enjoy cafe de Olla (made  in clay pots) or flammed coffee with brandy and some sweets that will make their toes curl with delight. It is fun because we serve it table side and it becomes a bit of a show and it helps to kill the buzz as well. Unless of course they spike the coffee with tequila, ay, aya ,ay!!

Enjoy your time in Mexico I say and try different things if not; what is the point of getting married in Mexico? Besides getting more value for your money of course.

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