Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How about an American Idol for your Bucerias Wedding Venue

We have had some famous singers and bands entertain the wedding guests in Martoca Beach Garden. Fher from ManĂ¡, who is the lead singer for the most famous band in Mexico, sang for an hour once. However that was for free and just for fun because the groom was actually his friend. So he sang a "palomazo" as we call it in Mexico or in English this would be a non-planned jam session. He was just there as a guest and started singing. It was a blast. See below.

If you want a famous singer at your wedding maybe some American Idols will come down to  here are the fees for some "Idols" according to a web site I found while searching for something that had absolutely nothing to do with this topic... typical.
Blake Lewis -- $10K
Lee DeWyze -- $15-25K
Crystal Bowersox -- $15-25K
Danny Gokey -- $30K
David Archuleta -- $30-40K
David Cook -- $30-50K
Adam Lambert -- $40-50K
Kellie Pickler -- $50-60K
Fantasia -- $50-75K
Clay Aiken -- $85-100K
Jennifer Hudson -- $100K
Daughtry -- $200-300K+
Kelly Clarkson -- $350-500K
Carrie Underwood -- $350-500K
So give them a call and spice up your wedding. Can you imagine Adam Lambert singing "The Ring of Fire"?
Thank you for all your tweets and follows. Have fun and be in love!

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