Tuesday, February 8, 2011

La Martoca Wedding Beach-Venue has "It": Magic!

Weddings in Martoca Beach Garden have made brides cry for joy! Our venue has been decorated and used now by celebrities and regular Joe's alike, however, they all have come to the same conclusion; Martoca Beach Garden is one of a kind, magical.

It is one of the few places where you can have a totally private wedding without having to be so far from Puerto Vallarta that that it would have taken you one or two hours of traveling to visit. We are not a public venue like a hotel or restaurant; It is exclusively for you and your guests. Also, it has the perfect balance between modern facilities and the lovely "backyard", or a lovely ranch somewhere that reminds you of good times close to home perhaps. It is hard to explain but it is cozy, warm and it seems familiar to all. It has the "It" factor, that is what makes it special. There are much more fancy places but for some reason Martoca just has "It".

Come visit us on facebook or follow us on twitter either way come get more familiar with our family business. "Our casa is your casa"; Once you see it in person you will understand. Most brides once they get here say to me- "It looks so much better than the pictures".

So does this mean I need a new photographer?

Just email me at Martocapv@gmail.com and let´s talk about it and figure out some details. We have many overwhelmed brides and grooms now available for references:) Bienvenidos!