Monday, November 8, 2010

Perfect Weather For Your Special Day

My friends from the USA and Canada always ask me when is the best time to come visit Puerto Vallarta area either for vacation or a wedding. A combination of both, which is the advantage of a destination wedding in the first place since it provides both a vacation and a wedding all in one trip, is my recommendation for all brides.


In my opinion as a native of this area I can tell you I love both the summer and the winter time. We actually only have two seasons here, rainy season and dry season. The bulk of the rain falls in the summer months from June through September and most of it comes around sunset time or at night however the rest of the year is pretty much dry with sporadic showers in between. The summer days are much longer and clearer than the winter months. You can see clear across the bay after a good rainy night. I love it. The days are so long you can do everything under the sun for 13 hours or so. The humidity is dramatically increased compared to the dry season and there is no early morning or late evening brisk breeze however the breeze off the ocean is constant and if you are in the pool or beach you will not notice the weather at all. The ones who suffer are the ones who work here and have to see you with envious eyes as they go about their daily chores. If you like off-road vehicles and outdoor activities the summer is the most fun. Of course the fact that everything is half price in my opinion more than makes up for the humidity.

For a great weather report on Riviera Nayarit or Puerto Vallarta visit this link which will go into much more detail and statistics about the temperature and rain probabilities in Puerto Vallarta area. Plan your vacation and wedding accordingly.

Although we cannot promise it will not rain, I would consider it extreme bad luck if you happen to have a rainy forecast for your wedding during the dry months. My favorites months for weddings are November and December because the weather has just turned cooler and the sunsets are amazing plus the vegetation is much more lush and green immediately after the rainy season which ends in early October. February and March and April are amazing weather months for weddings as well with all the flowers blooming all over. Although it is mango season, my favorite fruit, I believe November and December are better for scenery since the vegetation is still so green and vibrant right after the rains. January, February and March are famous for whale watching though... You see, deciding what time of year is best is just terribly difficult when it is so good year around! So, enjoy the facts about the weather in the article I linked here and please visit Martoca Beach Garden for more information on destination weddings or anything you would like to know about our lovely bay area.

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