Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Sorpresa Mi Amor"... Sparks Will Fly!

With a spectacular sunset in the background the guests mingle and wait anxiously for the joyful newlyweds to take their long desired wedding pictures on the beach. The anxious groom awaits as well, for he knows something no one else does. The time will come for a fabulous dinner and some line dancing later on in the festive evening and sometime in between the dessert and the polka, a well prepared groom will reveal his ultimate surprise, the gift for his bride that will guarantee nothing else will matter all night. What do you have in mind?

If you are not prepared with your surprise as a groom, you are in risk of starting your marriage in the hole when the idea is to accumulate as many brownie points as possible from the beggining. You will need them soon enough, perhaps even that same evening!

Imagine this; just as your bride thinks all the special treats are over and it is just time to dance the night away... you make your move. This is when you bring out an encore of entertainment that is all about her. You could go with her favorite song performed live by her favorite local band or with a certain choreography by professional dancers and maybe the groom gets involved in the number, or, you bring out her favorite and most desired item that she thought was unattainable like the designer wedding cake or a certain musical group, a firework special,.. Yes, the one she really wanted but was sacrificed to keep within budget.

For the highest impact go with ultimate creativity; For instance, design lettering and symbols with a stove tubing with gas and fire that was previously hidden in the sand. With her name and yours enclosed in a symbol of love like a heart or her favorite flower or a butterfly. These will light up in flames just before the ocean line and it will remain lit throughout the night. Make sure no one knows except maybe your best friends. This should be done by turning all lights out and then light the gas just like a stove and with perfect timing, as if you were writing with a fountain pen of fire. Her response will be overwhelming. You can also do it with kerosene and channels created with a non-flammable material. However these are harder to conceal and you might sacrifice the surprise factor.

It can be anything she really would love, maybe phone a long lost best friend of hers and invite her and if she is one who is just out of luck at the moment and needs 400 extra bucks to make it down to the wedding then provide it for her a well. The key is to show how you planned it for a long time and with much care, detailed perfectly and of course show her how much you love her in front of everyone that is important to her in her special night. She will cherish this forever as will you.

With your triumphant display then you must go to your honeymoon suite and surprise her again. I am sure you have some great ideas for this since she has decided to marry you!

Buena Suerte!

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