Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kristi and Adam Tie the Knot in Martoca... lovely!

Kristi was very much in control and visibly happy and proud of her wedding party. Needless to say she looked stunning! She needs to send me her pictures so I can show you:)

Everyone was amazed at the beauty of Martoca Beach Garden. The flowers and vegetation surrounding the lovely setting for their wedding were vibrant with color. The weather was perfect and the guests were enjoying every minute of their vacation/wedding. The night before they had a joyful evening in another popular location called La Laguna. They had activities all week and as I spoke to the wedding party they all seemed to be having the time of their lives.
It is an honor and our pleasure to welcome the newest members of our family to Martoca Beach Garden. I truly enjoyed this wedding party. They had such a good time and they had excellent ideas for their decorations and ceremony. Our wedding planner Laura simply put it all together and added a few touches like these awesome center pieces. For information on these packages please email us at

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