Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Felicidades Novias/Congratulations Brides!

light up the first dance!
Hola Amigos, if you are thinking about having a wedding in Puerto Vallarta I will give you a couple of tips for your wedding. In Mexico we can have relatively inexpensive fireworks displays so feel free to hire a firework show for entertainment at your wedding. They should range from 200USD up to 1,200 USD for a nice full one minute show. The price depends on quality of the actual device and the company. But I think that to be fully original and to surprise your loved one you should have what we call a “castillo” or castle in English.
"Castillo" In Martoca Beach Garden for 15th anniversary of Dragon, Inc.

The castillo is a display of synchronized fireworks that light up in sequence and either spell a message or names or show a symbol like a heart or just be as creative and romantic as you like. They are very typical and we use them in all our national town celebrations like our independence day as well. Sometimes people will actually wear the fireworks display and run around and chase people with it acting like a bull “torito”. I would not take it that far, but I would suggest definitely the fireworks show and please look into the “castillo”, I promise you will impress your guests and they will talk about it for years.
Love sparks in Martoca
Well keep us in mind for your wedding venue in Martoca Beach Garden here in Puerto Vallarta area. Actually in Bucerias which is 30 minutes away from downtown. We have plenty of space to have a safe firework display and all the permits. So, felicidades y bienvenidos!! Viva los novios!!
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