Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bucerías. Home of Martoca Beach Garden

Martoca Beach Garden´s beautiful beach and secluded after 32 years
For a great glimpse of what Bucerías, Nayarit is all about please visit his link below. My family moved here in 1976 so I can honestly tell you my brother and I were the only blond 5 year old kids in Bucerías back then. I got into scraps everyday because of the name calling- "manteca güera" or blond lard and we weren´t even fat I promise. My brother took the smarter approach and learned the local way fast, he made friends with the bigger kids, gave them a"mordida"  or bribe, by making sure they had sodas and "doritos" or "junk food snacks"at recess i.e. protection.
Anyway, nowadays there are many more blond kids around so they are not fun to pick on anymore I guess. Tourists who loved it so much here have joined  200,000 or more families who moved here from the USA or Canada in recent years. Now the guys only  joke about my "canas" or premature grey hair. But I don´t fight anymore, I finally learned the "pata salada" or Puerto Vallarta Native way. However, sodas no longer work so I buy them some "chelas" or "beers".
So, here is Bucerías in full color and a good article.

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