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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as Safe as Denver, CO?

Mexico is roughly three times the size of Texas or 770,000 square miles. Or, about the size of the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas combined. Texas is well known so I will use it in the following analogy; If North Texas or the Dallas and the Fort Worth area are having Gang Violence would the Texas government issue warnings to stop visiting South Padre Island that is an 11 hour drive? Remember that Mexico is 3 times larger than Texas so, to be more precise with the distance comparison, if Denver were in chaos would you not feel safe in say, San Diego, CA or Houston, TX?
Better yet, let me put it this way for those of you not familiar with Texas or the Southwest; if we compare the distance between Juarez, the violence ridden border area where 90% of the violence occurs, and Puerto Vallarta in relation to the United States geography then, Puerto Vallarta, which is 774 miles away from Juarez, is actually further from the border area than the following cities are from and their respective frequented vacation spots:

Puerto Vallarta is further from Juarez/El Paso, TX and border areas than these US cities are from their "respective" vacation spots.

New York is 702 miles away from Hilton Head Island
Kansas City to New Orleans: 679 miles
Chicago to Virginia Beach: 709 Miles
Atlanta to Miami: 601 miles
Dallas to South Padre Island:468 miles
St. Louis to Hilton Head Island:694 miles
Albuquerque to Los Angeles: 665 miles
Salt Lake City to San Diego: 632 miles
Denver to San Diego is about 50 miles further: 830 miles

So, if Puerto Vallarta is 774 Miles away from the violent city of Juarez/El Paso, TX where most of the Drug war is being fought then these comparisons of US cities in relation to their resort destinations may help you see how the violence, although serious, is far from our vacation destination and should not alter your plans or deter you from visiting and/or having your wedding in Puerto Vallarta area. As you can see, it is a long way. Violence in major cities that are so far away from the tourist destinations should not stop anyone from visiting and enjoying some beach and sun!
This is another excercise that might help you see how we are a safely distanced from the border area with the drug war.  Did you know that the following US cities are closer to  the City of Juarez on the Arizona Border than Puerto Vallarta?

Denver, CO: 560 miles away
Wichita, Kansas: 656 miles away
Tulsa, Oklahoma: 675 miles away
Dallas, TX. 573 miles away
Pheonix, AZ: 349 miles Away
Houston, TX: 669 miles away
Cities that are closer than 500 miles to EL Paso and Juarez and border area violence like Austin, San Antonio, Tucson, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and more are almost half the distance closer than Puerto Vallarta. Would you not visit any of these cities because of violence in Juarez or El Paso,TX? Do not kid yourself, these drug lords are in those cities just as they are in Mexico. They are there because that is where the buyers are and those are the cities where they distribute their product and they organize other distribution routes that go further north and across to Canada. I am just saying that people who want to vacation should not categorize Puerto Vallarta as dangerous, or any other city that is so far away from the main problem area, simply because it is in the same country.
As a concerned citizen of this area I feel compelled to inform the potential visitors regarding where exactly the violence you hear constantly in the news actually is taking place. Of course we have had crime in our city of approximately 300,000 people (including surrounding areas) yet it is not nearly as bad as say any large city in the US. Would you walk down New Orleans at night, aside from Bourbon Street of course, I bet you would not. I would walk downtown in Puerto Vallarta at any time day or night and feel safe and you would also.

The fact is that Mexico is experiencing something similar to what the United States lived through in the 20´s and 30´s with the Saint Valentine´s Day Massacre in Chicago, as pictured above,  or in the 80´s in Florida in general and Miami in particular . Like this excerpt from an article states-

They called themselves "cocaine cowboys," and in the early 1980s, they gave Miami the highest murder rate in the world.
Daytime gunfights in the middle of the city between Colombian and Cuban drug cartels were routine. The morgue in Miami became so crowded that Dade County leased a refrigerated trailer from Burger King to handle all the bodies.
In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, the drug violence shifted to other cities, including Detroit and Los Angeles, where street gangs fought for control of the crack cocaine market. Gangs made these cities among the most violent in the United States...
-The storyline in Juárez is eerily familiar to Edna Buchanan, a former Miami Herald reporter who covered the police beat during the worst of the cocaine wars. Her coverage of crime in Miami brought her a Pulitzer Prize in 1986."These cocaine cowboys, as they were called in Miami, were ruthless," Buchanan said. "They would go in and shoot anyone they wanted, anywhere. If they were after a man, they would kill the wife, the children, and if the Avon lady rang the doorbell at the same time, they would kill her, too." Excerpt from article by Ramón Bracamontes of El Paso Times.

Our Northern border region and its cities like Monterrey, Reynosa, tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Torreón and others (Our Miami in the 80´s) are where the drug routes are being disputed and the "Narco War" is being fought daily with deadly violence. Fighting for who will control the United States and Canada billion dollar drug market and the trade routes. People may have avoided Miami in the 80´s but they still went to maybe Daytona or South Padre or Hilton Head and so on. This is the same situation.
Do not throw out the baby with the bath water amigos, Mexico is 1979 miles long from North to South, which is further than from Denver to Miami for example (1717 miles), a beautiful 5 day drive or so. Puerto vallarta is about half way. So, stop by and enjoy this amazing scenery and lovely friendly people.We cannot be held responsible for what some bad people are doing hundreds of miles away but we will make it up to you just the same. Just for making the trip and trusting in us and our city, have a Margarita or cold Corona on "la casa"... Salud!

As you can see, people are out enjoying life here La Martoca in Vallarta and Nayarit so come join us for a cold one!

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As seen on TV!

Thanks to Laura and Nick, a lovely couple who were married recently in our Martoca Beach Club & Garden, and Zac Campbell from EM-Vallarta wedding designers and planners, we were praised on a Television interview discussing destination weddings on the TV show Good Morning Texas. Martoca Beach Club, as it was referred to on the show, is the same as Martoca Beach Garden.


We are rapidly becoming recognized as a unique and stunning wedding venue for beachfront private weddings for couples who seek something more special than an all-inclusive hotel. 

For full video of their wedding please go to You Tube at

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As seen on TV!

Thanks to Laura and Nick, a lovely couple who were married recently in our Martoca Beach Club & Garden, and Zac Campbell from EM-Vallarta, wedding designers and planners, we were praised on a Television interview discussing destination weddings on the TV show Good Morning Texas. Martoca Beach Club, as it was referred to on the show, is the same as Martoca Beach Garden.


We are rapidly becoming recognized as a unique and stunning wedding venue for beachfront private weddings for couples who seek something more special than an all-inclusive hotel. 

For full video of their wedding please go to You Tube at

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Felicidades a Caros Zarate y Katalina en su Boda

Una pareja más ha disfrutado de una puesta de sol perfecta y del hermoso jardín en Martoca Beach Garden. En este pasado 23 de Ocutbre unieron sus vidas en matrimonio Carlos y Katalina que son una pareja muy linda y que decidieron disfrutar el jardín con su naturaleza y muy poca decoración para el jardín.

Carlos una vez me mencionó que el jardín y la naturaleza junto a la playa era lo que el buscaba y que no necesitaba decoración. El sol hizo lo suyo y el día estuvo perfecto, tenías razón Carlos! Felicidades.

Mexico: A Wonderful Wedding Venue

Your wedding is certainly a very special occasion, and Mexico has the ideal conditions to make it an unforgettable event. Every Mexican destination offers a wide array of possibilities to make the most significant celebration of your life a pleasant experience. Among the many options, you can opt for an intimate ceremony by the sea, a mystical ritual performed by a shaman, or an elegant fiesta with hundreds of guests in a garden or colonial hacienda. As for accommodations, you can choose to stay in a posh hotel or resort, or perhaps a room on a yacht or cruise liner. To cherish this memorable event, you might want to consider a traditional wedding in one of Mexico’s beautiful old churches. After the ceremony, you can enjoy an extraordinary banquet of regional or international cuisine. Places like the Mayan Riviera, Oaxaca City and Los Cabos will offer everything you need to have a traditional wedding with excellent catering services and personalized attention. Various companies will take care of all your wedding needs by offering transportation and makeup services, photographers and decorations. They also provide a judge or priest to conduct the ceremony so that you can enjoy your special day without a care in the world. If you’re feeling the jitters, you can get a relaxing massage or take a temazcal steam bath to ease the tension. All of these destinations offer the perfect combination of culture and tradition, as well as unbeatable natural environments and top-notch services, making them the ideal spots for a unique and unforgettable wedding. What’s more, the day after the ceremony you can enjoy the added pleasure of celebrating your honeymoon in Mexico.

Of course, we are partial to Martoca Beach Garden and encourage you to choose our lovely wedding venue in the Pacific West Coast in Puerto Vallarta area. However, we believe anyone of these aformentioned locations would do just fine as your host where you may experience the most romantic wedding and unforgettable experience.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let´s give thanks and welcome this exquisite weather in Puerto Vallarta! Daily 75 to 85 degrees and sunny. Amazing!

In the evenings or nights you can expect between 65 degrees and 75 degrees in the winter. You may even have to use a light sweater or wind breaker from now on when on the beach, due to the cool breeze of the coast. In the day time the high will be approximately 85 degrees. So come join us for your special event in Martoca Beach Garden and enjoy perfect weather throughout the winter time.

Martoca, destination wedding beach venue, Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is James, my "amigos" call me Jimmy, I am in charge of promoting our destination wedding venue and finding lovely couples to join their hearts in marriage on our stunning Martoca Beach Garden beachfront wedding location.

Wedding coordinators in Puerto Vallarta have marveled while observing our popularity grow at a breathtaking pace among brides in our wedding destination in Mexico. The reviews of Martoca´s instalations such as private bride´s quarters, luxury handtiled bathrooms, infinity pools and 20,000 sqft beachfront garden with full kitchen and bar have enchanted all wedding experts.

We are very proud and excited to offer our wedding planner services as well or if you like you may design your own reception and we will step aside and just rent the venue and support you with any questions or advice you may need. Congratulations and welcome to our wedding location in Mexico.Contact information:Jimmy Basañez

Founder and Wedding Consultant
From USA (011-52-322) 120-6098 / (011-52-329) 298-0008
Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

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A Wonderful Story; A Must Read For Bucerías and Vallarta Lovers

Tales from the Pacific


 As found in the Wall Street Journal

A writer journeys to Riviera Nayarit and discovers treasures in the Sierra Madre, art-filled streets — even a Bear or two

As we ventured out into Banderas Bay, the horseshoe-shaped cove just north of Puerto Vallarta in the resort area of Riviera Nayarit, a whale and its baby came up to the surface of the Pacific-blue waters. I was on an observer’s boat going to watch La Regata Copa México, part of the Mexican bicentennial celebration (this year marks the 200th anniversary of the country’s independence and the 100th anniversary of its revolution). With five participating classes — Oceanic MEXORC, J24, Optimist, Kitesurf and Windsurf — I was told it would be one of the most competitive events in the sailing world, on par with America’s Cup, Copa del Rey and Rolex Cup Racing.
The races began. Watching a kite-surfer fluttering along the dazzling coastline, sipping a Red Sky (a popular beach drink like a Bloody Mary made with beer instead of vodka), I couldn’t help but think how much sailing was like ballet. I was mesmerized by how elegantly and quickly the crews moved around their vessels in synchronized motion.
The victor of the MEXORC was a craft I had written off: the Akela (USA). It left early and was required to restart the race. However, it deftly maneuvered the oscillating winds, hoisting a different sail than the vessels on either side of it —- a jib — to overtake the competition to everyone’s surprise. It was a thrill to watch.
After returning to shore I joined the flow of spectators drifting toward the covered grandstands for a presentation. There was some commotion as a distinguished-looking man walked toward me, who seemed to be shaking hands with everyone.
Suddenly, I realized who he was. I stuttered, “Hola, Mr. President!”
On my first day in Riviera Nayarit, I had simply stumbled into Felipe Calderón, the president of the country. Something told me it was just going to be that sort of trip.
In the evening I ate on the outdoor patio of the Café des Artistes in Punta Mita, a long stretch of white-sand beaches and coves sprinkled with exclusive resorts. I dined on avocado with mango sorbet, lobster with crawfish from local rivers and a smooth local wine, a 2005 Malbec. I discovered the restaurant’s chef, Geraldo Sandoval, was just named one of the eight finalists for Mexican chef of the year. I found it hard to believe there were seven other people in the country who could cook like this.
Outside the restaurant, I spied a little placard that read: “Do you embrace the beauty of nature? Do you have a whimsical and adventurous spirit?”
In Riviera Nayarit, I decided it’s best to follow the signs and go with the flow. So the next day, I took a tour with Vallarta Adventures, first speed-boating across the bay and then taking a 25-minute jeep ride up the winding roads of the cloud-dipped Sierra Madre Mountains. The next leg was a burro ride up a thin path framed by vibrant trees and bushes. From there, I zip-lined, an exhilarating sport where I whizzed along cables strung from trees in the jungle, and then rappelled down the cliffs alongside a tropical waterfall.
At the end of the journey, my exuberant tour guide Gibran warmly shook my hand and surprised me by saying, “We must meet for a drink after I get off from work!”
Delighted, I agreed to catch up with him at his favorite bar, Yo Yo Mo’s, and upon arrival, bravely tried to order my first drink of the day in the local language.
“I’m sorry,” the young Canadian waitress replied pleasantly. “I don’t speak Spanish.” She saw my baffled expression and laughed.
“A lot of people in Riviera Nayarit speak English,” she told me. “If they don’t, we manage to figure it out.” She was right. It struck me how everyone I encountered — taxi drivers, shop owners, waiters, even people on the street — patiently engaged me in English and coached me to improve my high-school Spanish pronunciation.
Gibran arrived, slapping the backs of everyone in the place. Over the next two hours, we drank tequila, ate delectable Mexican pizza (best pizza I’ve ever had), and chatted and laughed with the Mexican nationals, Canadians and American ex-pats who stopped by our table. It felt like I met half of Riviera Nayaritin one night.
We ended up at a place called the Shamrock and spent time with the owner, Belfast native Sharon Maeve Bell. I ordered a shot of tequila and, in deference to her homeland, chased it with a Guinness.
Sharon downed a shot as well. “I visited Mexico and fell in love with it, especially the people,” she said. “Where we are, it’s like living in a small town — I can let my nine-year-old go to the store without worrying.”
The following morning, I decided to enjoy the pleasures of the hotel I was staying at: the spectacular Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita. I came to understand why mita means “Gateway to Paradise” in theancient Aztec language. I relaxed in the Jacuzzi then took a walk to see the amazing golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, where the “Whale of a Tail” hole 3B requires players to take an amphibious golf cart out to tee off from a rocky offshore atoll.
From there, I headed to the town of Bucerias, known for its laid-back atmosphere and fine art scene with 17 galleries along a three-block stretch of cobblestone streets. With a little time on my hands, I took a mosaic-making class at a gallery called A Broken Art.
As I toiled on my masterpiece, an older man, who was walking his dog, craned his neck to examine my tile project. I asked what he thought of my effort.
“It reminds me of a piece of sculpture,” he said diplomatically.
I didn’t fully appreciate the compliment until I learned the passerby was the renowned sculptor George Pratt, who designed the massive jade centerpiece for the Canadian pavilion at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. George told me he vacations in this area every year, during which time he relaxes by painting watercolors — mostly Mexican street scenes.
Working contently on my mosaic in the open courtyard, shaded by a majestic palm tree as a dog slept on the cobblestones nearby, I realized I was living just the kind of scene George would paint.
Dinner was the toughest decision of the day. At every turn, the food was incredible — from the hand-pressed corn tacos made by a local woman in her own home to scintillating Latin-Asian cuisine at the Four Seasons’ Aramara restaurant. I settled on Claudio’s, a Bucerias seaside restaurant with great coconut shrimp and topped it off with a quick trip to the Pie in the Sky Café and Bakery to sample a decadent local treat: besos (kisses), a brownie-like dessert with a molten fudge center and light sprinkling of pecans.
I spent the final days of my trip at the Hotel RIU Palace Pacifico, a large, lush resort located on Playa de Flamingos beach just a couple of miles from Nuevo Vallarta. While debating whether to go to the Renova Spa, kayak or just wade up to the bar inside the pool for a piña colada, a friendly, uniformed woman came up to my lounge chair and inquired, “Do you want to play fútbol with the Chicago Bears?”
I thought she was joking, but a few minutes later, I stood on the beach between two wide receivers for the Chicago Bears, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett. The event was a kind of Survivor-like challenge that any hotel guest or vacationer strolling by on the beach could take part in. The players were chatting with and high-fiving all the guests. We were playing a game where we tossed a balloon full of water to a partner. My balloon burst in the sand five feet in front me. “Yup, knew you wouldn’t make that one,” teased Earl.
Devin, who returned the opening kickoff in Super Bowl XLI for a touchdown, and Earl caught their balloons like they were feathers floating gently from the sky.
By this point, it didn’t even seem strange to find myself partying by chance with NFL players. Something about Riviera Nayarit made me anticipate the extraordinary.
Joe Mullich has written for the Los Angeles Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, The Onion and 150 other publications.

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Any Size Wedding In Martoca Beach Garden

Welcome to Martoca Beach Garden:
This was Laura and Nick´s wedding, a very cool couple from San Francisco, their wedding was decorated and organized by EM Vallarta wedding designers. Their 75 Guests enjoyed Martoca´s beach garden to the fullest. They had an unforgettable, sexy, chic wedding highlighted by the guests dancing under the stars. The weather in Bucerías, as usual, a perfect 75 degrees in March of 2010.

As you can see, space is not an issue and decorations may be as elaborate as you wish. We have seen eco-friendly weddings where nothing except natural lighting (candles) are used and it looked amazing and magical, not to mention extremely romantic. Your imagination is the only limit. Of course your budget may be key for a few items, however, in my opinion creativity trumps budget.
So visit and let´s start creating and planning your destination wedding!

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Corporate Parties; A Huge Success In Martoca

My dad and my nephew Eric were enjoying the Dragon ballon that was used by Dragon S.A. for their company party in Martoca Beach Garden. Come and enjoy a day with pools, beach and garden with your company and have a great relaxing day.

Among other featured entertainment that evening by
the company there were dancers, fireworks,  great food by DeSantos, a live mascot (on right), my dad and I specially liked that last feature, and of course a good band.

You may enjoy a daytime party with the pools and beach or an evening dinner like this event featured. It is truly up to the event planner to decide how to enjoy the beautiful gardens and oceanfront venue as much as possible while accomplishing their mission whichever it may be.

You may be as original as you like in Martoca Beach Garden. The 20,000 square feet of beachfront garden lends itself to any type of event and decoration. Corporate event organizers may choose to have their farewell dinner or dance in Martoca to break up the routine of staying in the same hotel 3 or 4 nights in a row. Contact us at for more information on how to impress your clients, employees or business associates.

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Para mobiliario y toldos de todos tipos es preferible rentarlos de un lugar con calidad y garantía. Un lugar que tenga equipo nuevo. Tal vez sea un poco más la inversión pero la diferencia se notará en cada foto de su evento y los invitados lo notarán plenamente.

Para toldos y mobiliario de calidad les puedo recomendar con los ojos cerrados que visiten Los toldos de Chalita, ya sean árabes, transparentes, trenzados, con aire acondicionado, etc., son los mejores en Puerto Vallarta sin duda.Asi mismo encontrarás a la compañía especializada en mobiliario Trendy en The Event Connection Plaza. Ellos te informarán acerca de su amplio inventario de mesas y sillas y salas para su boda o evento. Tienen diseños de todo tipo y unos absolutamente originales.

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Different Styles of Wedding Coordination Services

In this post I will explain the different options you have as far as organizing and hiring experts or managers for your wedding day coordination. In Martoca Beach Garden we offer the option of renting the venue only, allowing the brides to hire whomever they please for their services or, you may purchase a custom made wedding from our experienced preferred wedding planners which include the venue rental. 

These are the options you have for planning your wedding day:
Full Planning: A complete planning package where the wedding experts handle every last detail: from finding and securing your reception site and vendors, to negotiating and coordinating payment, and hotel arrangements and tours, as well as ensuring your big day progresses flawlessly.
Partial Planning: With a partial planning package, the planner offers assistance and guidance as needed with certain parts of your package only. You remain hands-on, doing much of the research and decision making on your own.
Day of Planning: This is a great option if you prefer to plan everything yourself but want a pro on hand to tend to details so you can relax and enjoy your day as the guest of honor.
A la Carte: Services priced case by case basis (things you just do not want to deal with - sending out invitations, wrapping party favors or making them, looking for that perfect mariachi band, finding doves or butterflies, etc.)
Please email us at if you would like to know more about Martoca Beach Garden or click here to go to our website

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Bucerías. Home of Martoca Beach Garden

Martoca Beach Garden´s beautiful beach and secluded after 32 years
For a great glimpse of what Bucerías, Nayarit is all about please visit his link below. My family moved here in 1976 so I can honestly tell you my brother and I were the only blond 5 year old kids in Bucerías back then. I got into scraps everyday because of the name calling- "manteca güera" or blond lard and we weren´t even fat I promise. My brother took the smarter approach and learned the local way fast, he made friends with the bigger kids, gave them a"mordida"  or bribe, by making sure they had sodas and "doritos" or "junk food snacks"at recess i.e. protection.
Anyway, nowadays there are many more blond kids around so they are not fun to pick on anymore I guess. Tourists who loved it so much here have joined  200,000 or more families who moved here from the USA or Canada in recent years. Now the guys only  joke about my "canas" or premature grey hair. But I don´t fight anymore, I finally learned the "pata salada" or Puerto Vallarta Native way. However, sodas no longer work so I buy them some "chelas" or "beers".
So, here is Bucerías in full color and a good article.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Felicidades Novias/Congratulations Brides!

light up the first dance!
Hola Amigos, if you are thinking about having a wedding in Puerto Vallarta I will give you a couple of tips for your wedding. In Mexico we can have relatively inexpensive fireworks displays so feel free to hire a firework show for entertainment at your wedding. They should range from 200USD up to 1,200 USD for a nice full one minute show. The price depends on quality of the actual device and the company. But I think that to be fully original and to surprise your loved one you should have what we call a “castillo” or castle in English.
"Castillo" In Martoca Beach Garden for 15th anniversary of Dragon, Inc.

The castillo is a display of synchronized fireworks that light up in sequence and either spell a message or names or show a symbol like a heart or just be as creative and romantic as you like. They are very typical and we use them in all our national town celebrations like our independence day as well. Sometimes people will actually wear the fireworks display and run around and chase people with it acting like a bull “torito”. I would not take it that far, but I would suggest definitely the fireworks show and please look into the “castillo”, I promise you will impress your guests and they will talk about it for years.
Love sparks in Martoca
Well keep us in mind for your wedding venue in Martoca Beach Garden here in Puerto Vallarta area. Actually in Bucerias which is 30 minutes away from downtown. We have plenty of space to have a safe firework display and all the permits. So, felicidades y bienvenidos!! Viva los novios!!
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