Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Weddings are Safe!

Puerto Vallarta is safe for your destination wedding.
My family has lived here for over 30 years and I believe that although Mexico is going through very complicated challenges, our city is one of the safest in Mexico. I encourage brides to plan their beach wedding in our Riviera Nayarit venue or Puerto Vallarta without hesitation.

Like in any other country, some cities are more prone to violence than others. In Mexico´s case, most of the violence is concentrated in the northern cities since they are the gateway into the United States which is the main market for the cartels´products. Puerto Vallarta is located over 1,000 kilometers from the border and other cities which are the most prone to violence. In other words, if we did not hear it on the news, just like you, we would not notice the violence, we would keep enjoying our beaches and friendly neighbors. A similar situation that was lived in the United States when Chicago experienced turmoil and gang violence with the mobsters back in the Al Capone days. This violence affected certain cities yet not the entire country. 

So, please feel safe and plan your destination wedding with complete confidence.
Puerto Vallarta has been voted repeatedly as the friendliest tourist destination in Conde Nast magazine. It is a town that solely survives on tourism so we protect the tourists more than anything or even the locals themselves. We can plan your wedding with amazing detail and creativity and stay under your budget in order to support you in these frugal economic times. So please feel free to contact me and ask anything you may need to know, we will make your dream come true affordably, tastefully and of course, safely.
Be well and, ¡Viva Mexico!
Please email me with any questions you may have to or call from USA dial (011-52) 322-120-6098

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