Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mexican Musical Choices Tips

The tip for the post today: 
Chose the right band for your ceremony or dinner music!
Please make sure when you hire Mariachi Bands that they are at least a 9 piece Band and authentically dressed. They must wear their full outfit so they look amazing. The attire of a mariachi group, called a "traje", consists of botines(or ankle boots), a sombrero(or broad-trimmed hats), a mono(or large bow tie), a chaleco(or short jacket), snug trousers without back pockets, a wide belt "cinto pitiado", and botonaduras(or shiny buttons) on the side of the pants. This will make your night even more memorable because most guests end up taking pictures with the sombreros and it is an enhanced experience! Insist of your wedding planner that they verify this for you. Check this Mariachi out, I threw in Luis Miguel as a bonus for you girls! Click here to watch the video.

Also discover Trios for your musical entertainment. A Trio is  a very romantic and an excellent choice for dinner music. This music is very famous in Mexico and if you would like to listen to what it is please check out Trio Los Panchos who are the best there ever was in Mexico on you tube click here to watch the video Either type of music group should cost you about 300 to 350 Dollars an hour for very good musicians.
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