Friday, September 10, 2010

Martoca, destination wedding beach venue, Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is James, my "amigos" call me Jimmy, I am in charge of promoting our destination wedding venue and finding lovely couples to join their hearts in marriage on our stunning Martoca Beach Garden beachfront wedding location.

Wedding coordinators in Puerto Vallarta have marveled while observing our popularity grow at a breathtaking pace among brides in our wedding destination in Mexico. The reviews of Martoca´s instalations such as private bride´s quarters, luxury handtiled bathrooms, infinity pools and 20,000 sqft beachfront garden with full kitchen and bar have enchanted all wedding experts.

We are very proud and excited to offer our wedding planner services as well or if you like you may design your own reception and we will step aside and just rent the venue and support you with any questions or advice you may need. Congratulations and welcome to our wedding location in Mexico.

Contact information:
Jimmy Basañez
Founder and Wedding Consultant
From USA (011-52-322) 120-6098 / (011-52-329) 298-0008
Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico


  1. A great location to get married at the Riviera Nayarit, been here! its an amazing beachfront garden! congratulations Jimmy!

  2. Thank you Señor Carlos. You are welcome o come and enjoy the day with friends and family as long as you bring those awesome fish tacos from Mero Mero!! :))