Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mexican Musical Choices Tips

The tip for the post today: 
Chose the right band for your ceremony or dinner music!
Please make sure when you hire Mariachi Bands that they are at least a 9 piece Band and authentically dressed. They must wear their full outfit so they look amazing. The attire of a mariachi group, called a "traje", consists of botines(or ankle boots), a sombrero(or broad-trimmed hats), a mono(or large bow tie), a chaleco(or short jacket), snug trousers without back pockets, a wide belt "cinto pitiado", and botonaduras(or shiny buttons) on the side of the pants. This will make your night even more memorable because most guests end up taking pictures with the sombreros and it is an enhanced experience! Insist of your wedding planner that they verify this for you. Check this Mariachi out, I threw in Luis Miguel as a bonus for you girls! Click here to watch the video.

Also discover Trios for your musical entertainment. A Trio is  a very romantic and an excellent choice for dinner music. This music is very famous in Mexico and if you would like to listen to what it is please check out Trio Los Panchos who are the best there ever was in Mexico on you tube click here to watch the video Either type of music group should cost you about 300 to 350 Dollars an hour for very good musicians.
Thank you for sharing and following our blog. Viva Martoca y las novias!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wedding Cakes in Puerto Vallarta

Hello Dear Brides,

I have a nugget for you! If you are looking for the best wedding cakes in Puerto Vallarta I may be able to help you. For a fair price and magnificent taste I believe I found the best deals for your wedding cake. I also found some extra pouns while "working" on this project by the way. I like these options because they combine taste, quality and mostly, originality and style.
Please visit their websites and contact them for a quote. Of course tell them Martoca Beach Garden sent you and you shall receive a Destination Wedding discount...
Bocados´ creations are completely edible, by this I mean that their creations are so unique you would think they are made out of plastic or ceramic and surprise! Totally delicious figures on cakes of any shape or size and design. Get creative and they will make it! Eat it all...
Charme Bakery is amazing! The perfection and taste is evident just with the presentation alone. Please visit for your wedding cake in Puerto Vallarta, you will not regret it.
So please contact either of these two websites and find out what you can about your wedding cake options. If you like we can help you so keep that in mind as well. Be well and have fun planning and creating your destination wedding in Mexico.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bienvenidos a Martoca Beach Garden!

Martoca Beach Garden no solo es el lugar más nuevo y mágico para bodas en Puerto Vallarta, si no que también es el único jardín para eventos diseñado exclusivamente para este propósito. No somos hotel, ni villa, ni restaurant que les hace un espacio por unas horas, somos un jardín privado para su boda que solo lo comparten con sus seres queridos.
Contamos con cuarto privado para la novia equipado con aire acondicionado, baño completo, tocador y espejo gigante, closet y cama doble. Este cuarto es para su uso a discreción diseñado para maquillarse, guardar cosas de valor, descansar a los abuelos o niños, o lo que gusten. También contamos con baños de lujo tipo hotelero de 5 estrellas, cocina y barra todo dentro de un jardín de alta seguridad y privacidad de 2,000 mts cuadrados rodeado de pasto y árboles gigantes y palmeras.

Contáctanos para cotizaciones ya sea solamente del lugar o para un paquete completo que se organiza con nuestros proveedores preferidos que nos dan precios de mayoreo. No somos los más baratos, para eso están los hoteles. Nosotros queremos atender a la novia que busca privacidad, exclusividad, el gozar de la belleza natural en una playa tranquila semi-privada. No somos los más baratos, pero si les garantizamos que les damos más por su dinero. Bienvenidos!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Toast For Masters (GROOMS ONLY PLEASE)

I stumbled upon this and I thought it was amazing. If you have a good relationship with your future father in law this will score huge points for life! be romantic and creative, since our weddings are in Mexico maybe have a surprise Seranade for the bride that you learn with secret spanish classes for example. Contact me for ideas:)
If you are a bride to be then, make this blog find its way to your groom, haha. Maybe he will take the advice and you can be surprised as well.
Please enjoy,
Jimmy from Martoca Beach Garden wishes you all a romantic life together wherever it may be...

Aparta la Iglesia para tu Boda en Puerto Vallarta

Amigas de Martoca Beach Garden, no olviden apartar su iglesia preferida lo antes posible para su boda. No saben cuantas veces ha sucedido que las novias me piden la fecha para nuestro jardín para eventos en playa y cuando se dan cuenta que no hay lugar en las iglesias de Puerto Vallarta sufren una gran decepción. Recuerden que la fe católica no permite casarse fuera de la iglesia, o sea, en la playa por ejemplo.

Martoca se llena muy rápido gracias a la gran respuesta de las novias que hemos tenido y si es necesario reservar con casi un año de anticipación. Pero como hay muy pocas iglesias en Puerto Vallarta pues es preciso apartarlas igualmente con mucha anticipación, algunas hasta con dos años antes.
Les paso los datos para que se preparen con sus fechas y les agradezco que nos visiten y recomienden a sus amigos. Los comentarios también son bienvenidos para mejorar y seguir informándoles de nuestros consejos para su boda en playa.

Síguenos en Twitter  y en Facebook

  • Parroquia de Guadalupe
    Hidalgo # 370
    (322) 222 1326
  • Parroquia de la Santa Cruz
    Lázaro Cárdenas # 395 y Aguacate
    (322) 222 0989
  • Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Refugio
    Esquina de Perú y Argentina
    (322) 222 4980
  • Iglesia de San Miguel
    (322) 224 2053
  • Iglesia de la Virgen de Talpa
    Plaza Central Sur # 167
    (322) 224 1323

  • Primera Iglesia Bautista
    Argentina 181, Col. 5 de Diciembre, por el Parque Hidalgo
    (322) 222 1722

  • Calvary Chapel-Christian non-denominational church
    Pablo Picasso no. 105 (entrada del Hotel Las Palmas)
    (322) 293 5455
    Servicio bilingüe sábados 10:30 a.m. por el Pastor Bill Martin
    Servicio en inglés miércoles y sábados 6:30 p.m
    Servicio en español martes 6:30 p.m.
    Clases de inglés gratis lunes y jueves 11:00 a.m. y 7:00 p.m.
    y sábados 11:00 a.m.
    Reuniones de jóvenes, sábado 6:00 p.m.
    Clases para niños, de lunes a viernes en the Mission Church en Lagunas del Valle.
    Librería y cafetería abiertos de 8:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.
  • Comunidad Cristiana Filadelfia
    Carretera a Ixtapa no. 181, Col. Las Juntas
    (322) 290-1618
  • Iglesia Apostólica de la Fé en Cristo
    Costa Rica 1422
    (322) 224 9682

Testigos de Jehová
  • Milan 271 en la Col. Versalles
  • La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días
    Emiliano Zapata #420, Col. V. Gomez Parias
    (322)224 9680

  • Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día
    Roma # 188 Col. Versalles
    (322) 224 8422
  • Iglesia Eben-Ezer
    Juan Escutia 301
    (322) 224 2630

Fe Baha'i
  • Reuniones cada 19 días en la Colonia Buenos Aires, calle Álamo 110. Contacta a Doris Kumb, al 222-0189 para más información.
Movimientos cristianos
  • La Luz del Mundo
    Col. Hermosa Provincia
    (322)224 8273
    * Hay una nueva iglesia de Luz del Mundo en Mezcales.
  • Centro Nuevo Amanecer
    Av. Las Palmas
    (322) 222 3330

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Weddings are Safe!

Puerto Vallarta is safe for your destination wedding.
My family has lived here for over 30 years and I believe that although Mexico is going through very complicated challenges, our city is one of the safest in Mexico. I encourage brides to plan their beach wedding in our Riviera Nayarit venue or Puerto Vallarta without hesitation.

Like in any other country, some cities are more prone to violence than others. In Mexico´s case, most of the violence is concentrated in the northern cities since they are the gateway into the United States which is the main market for the cartels´products. Puerto Vallarta is located over 1,000 kilometers from the border and other cities which are the most prone to violence. In other words, if we did not hear it on the news, just like you, we would not notice the violence, we would keep enjoying our beaches and friendly neighbors. A similar situation that was lived in the United States when Chicago experienced turmoil and gang violence with the mobsters back in the Al Capone days. This violence affected certain cities yet not the entire country. 

So, please feel safe and plan your destination wedding with complete confidence.
Puerto Vallarta has been voted repeatedly as the friendliest tourist destination in Conde Nast magazine. It is a town that solely survives on tourism so we protect the tourists more than anything or even the locals themselves. We can plan your wedding with amazing detail and creativity and stay under your budget in order to support you in these frugal economic times. So please feel free to contact me and ask anything you may need to know, we will make your dream come true affordably, tastefully and of course, safely.
Be well and, ¡Viva Mexico!
Please email me with any questions you may have to or call from USA dial (011-52) 322-120-6098

Friday, September 10, 2010

Martoca, destination wedding beach venue, Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is James, my "amigos" call me Jimmy, I am in charge of promoting our destination wedding venue and finding lovely couples to join their hearts in marriage on our stunning Martoca Beach Garden beachfront wedding location.

Wedding coordinators in Puerto Vallarta have marveled while observing our popularity grow at a breathtaking pace among brides in our wedding destination in Mexico. The reviews of Martoca´s instalations such as private bride´s quarters, luxury handtiled bathrooms, infinity pools and 20,000 sqft beachfront garden with full kitchen and bar have enchanted all wedding experts.

We are very proud and excited to offer our wedding planner services as well or if you like you may design your own reception and we will step aside and just rent the venue and support you with any questions or advice you may need. Congratulations and welcome to our wedding location in Mexico.

Contact information:
Jimmy Basañez
Founder and Wedding Consultant
From USA (011-52-322) 120-6098 / (011-52-329) 298-0008
Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico