Monday, June 26, 2017

Denver Broncos Cheer for this Puerto Vallarta Wedding in Martoca Beach Bucerias

The Denver Broncos Cheer for Christina and Jeremy’s Wedding in Bucerias, Mexico

We love creating custom weddings for all kinds of people and all countries. We
have hosted broadway and movie actors, rockstars, CEO’s, governors, business magnates, doctors and lawyers and sales reps and  students. But as a Broncos football fan that I am (NFL), I have to confess I had a bit extra excitement in my step for this wedding. I truly enjoyed hosting and creating this amazing fiesta for Christina and Jeremy. Christina was the captain for the Denver Broncos cheerleading team for a log time; So, it was a dream for us when she chose Martoca Beach Garden for her venue and our in-house Martoca Weddings team as her designer and planner staff; As we planned, we had a few trick plays in store for Christina!
First, in a process that took over 48 hours and 1,000 man hours, we wrapped her get structure with palm leaves and gave it a palapa look. Instead of just having white cloth covers. It would have maybe looked great at night but in the day time, our designer decided it was not good enough; So she decided to wrap the tubes with actual palm leaves! Amazing. It had never been done before. No one in town had seen this or anywhere else. But that is what happens in Martoca. We create. If the bride allows us freedom to do so, we deliver spectacular designs. Look at this transformation; From a normal tent into a marvelous lighting structure:

Then, after creating this amazing look you see above from scratch, we surprised Christina and the Broncos’ fans with ourMexican version of Thunder, the Broncos’ mascot.. And the crowd went wild!
Thirdly, although not our idea this time, the cheerleading team friends danced a routine for the bride and groom and there er fire dancers and fireworks and all kinds of fun stuff from then on. Take a look for yourself. I am not very good in describing weddings so I will just let the pictures describe the feelings and the scene. All I can tell you is that it was a wild ride! Go Broncos 🙂
Great night. Great new friends. We love our Martoca Weddings team and all our vendors. Martoca Beach Garden can host weddings that are this elaborate or something less spectacular; But we always have fun!
Go Broncos! Go Christina and Jeremy!
Martoca James

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wedding Planners Budget Tip for Weddings in Bucerias

I have budgeted and quoted over 300 weddings in Mexico. People ask me many times how I budget the weddings. So I decided to share my knowledge about how money is allocated for your wedding vendors. By sharing  my world famous formula known as the "70 on 7" rule, maybe I can help you plan your budget distribution. I do not count the dress or anything that is not reception and ceremony related. Also, I ignore hotel costs in this budget because independent private wedding venues do not force you into a "package" or rent rooms in any particular location, or force you to use certain vendors. That is the point of an "Indie" wedding; You have the perk of the freedom to stay anywhere you like and hire anyone you like and other perks. So, how to budget your wedding? Well I like to call it my 70 on 7 rule. 70% of your budget goes for the 7 crucial and classic services of most any respectable wedding and the 30% you have left can go to minor and optional services and items, such as menu cards or signs, extra floral arrangements, fireworks and so on.
70 on 7 rule states that you should spend 70% of your budget on the 7 core items of your wedding. 
The 7 "must-haves" of a classy tropical Mexico wedding that is not held inside a resort are:
  • Venue and planner: Planning your own wedding is possible but not a good idea. You can use in-house planners or some venues allow outside planners.
  • Welcome hostess area: Receive guests and offer table escort and welcome drinks.
  • Ceremony and Bridal party care and accesories: Includes floral arrangements for bridal party, make-up and hair.
  • Cocktail lounge and tapas bar: Serve appetizers for guests while you take your pictures
  • Dinner and table-scapes: Table decorations and dinnerware and furniture.
  • DJ and dance floor: A must for fun factor.
  • Catering and Bar: Includes all regarding food and bar
These 7 major items listed above in my opinion are key sections in your wedding, and should be where you concentrate most of your budget in your wedding. I call these the core items of any wedding. 70% of your budget should go into these services. The remaining 30% of your budget should be applied to the other important features that are optional, yet, rarely ignored in any successful wedding.
  • Photo and video (In reality it is a must; if you want your wedding to live on forever in great photos)
  • Entertainment (Live band, dancers, fireworks etc)
  • Transportation 
  • Souvenirs
  • Taco bar or late night coffee service
  • Props and signs
  • Extra flowers
  • Extra Lighting
Well amigos, this is how I would approach budgeting your wedding, if I were you. Say you have 20,000USD to spend on the reception and ceremony, which is an average cost of a wedding in Mexico; 14,000USD should be allocated to the core wedding items, and 6,000USD should be assigned to other vendors you will need such as photo and video, entertainment and all extras. So just let your trusted wedding planner know your total budget for the wedding and sit back; Let them do the planning and budget distribution for you. If you want they can show you how much each section costs. But in the end, if they are under budget and provide what you want, does it matter what each vendor costs? Not really. Or, do it yourself and contact the vendors and you can have 100% control by using this advice. 
Although, in my opinion the DIY trend is not wise in destination weddings. Becoming an international wedding planner overnight is not a good idea in my opinion. A typical destination wedding in Mexico requires about 20 to 25 vendors. So if you call or email each one and put your wedding together on your own; You will need about 20-25 hours at least just to ask them about their services. That is if they all return your calls or emails promptly and speak English fluently. You will have to research each one of them and verify they are who they say they are and trustworthy. If you have that kind of time and patience, then go for it. 
However, we strongly recommend using an experienced wedding planner and let them do the planning. Make sure they have at least 25 reviews online and that they go back at least 3 years. Their reviews should not all be from the same time-frame. That may be a red flag. Why don't they have more than one year in reviews? Of course, it could be they just started in the business. But, it could also be they are all just fake reviews. Just be careful. Once you have a trustworthy planner, you must let go of control and put yourself in her or his hands. You have to trust they will provide you with a complete wedding within budget. That is their job. So you can relax and let them do the work for you. Your only concerns should be picking colors and flowers and furniture styles, etc. 
Controlling the budget is pretty much in the planners hands once you hire them. This is hard to forfeit this control. I know. You want to control the purse for each little item so that you can go and look for a cheaper vendor or maybe shave off some costs in flowers so you can have an extra hour of Mariachi band. But, if you trusted them to care for your most important day in your life, why not trust them to distribute your budget properly? Just tell them your budget limit. Tell them what your dream wedding would be like. Explain what features and services you want. And let them arrange it all and make it fit. As long as they do not go over budget you are golden. If there is an item that you want and it causes you to go over budget, the planner should let you know before you pay for it. Not surprise you later. If you know up front then you decide if you want to pay extra for it or eliminate it so you stay under the budget limit. 
So what if they charge for this knowledge and service? Believe me, they earn every cent. If they are any good, they will take your wedding personally. That is what you want. And that is what makes their job so hard and stressful because they are right there with you every step of the way. They feel what you feel. They are with you in that journey. Their job is actually to take the stress away from you as much as possible and take it in themselves. Selecting a wedding planner is the most important decision you will make in your destination wedding planning journey. 
There is always the "I can do that" or "I throw great parties at home" person, those who want to save of planner fees. Why pay 1,500-3,500 dollars to a planner? DIY is popular online. Can you plan a wedding yourself? Of course. Should you? No. It is like looking for apartments to rent: You can spend 3 weekends driving up to look for apartments in a strange city, or pay someone to find them for you in one day you have 3 or 4 proper apartments lined up and close on them in one day. Unless you really enjoy those 3 or 4 hours drives up to the city and getting lost and spending on gas etc. and those awful apartment tours; You will be happy you found a pro to narrow the search to what you like and close on the deal in one day. You will save time and money and yes, pamper yourself with amazing service. If they are any good, they obviously vetted the people they work with because their own reputation is tied to their recommendations.
Well, I hope this helps you know how your money should be distributed in your wedding. Decide how much you want to spend on your wedding and start your search: Either for a destination wedding planner or the vendors themselves and venue. Now you know roughly how much goes to what services. If you want any more advice just email me 
Happy planning!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vallarta-Nayarit Weddings in Martoca Beach Garden: In Our Couples Own Words.

Martoca Beach Garden is an absolutely stunning venue that offers a beautiful and private ambience. Not only is the the venue special itself, but so is Martoca's team. I cannot express how helpful and patient Jimmy was with answering all my questions and concerns.- Megan Continues, "Don't even get me started on how good that food was!!! I wish there was a restaurant like that in California... best food I've had in a LONG time. I can't thank Jimmy and his team enough for their kindness and for making me feel more than comfortable in planning a destination wedding from California. They truly want to make your wedding the most special day of your life and that every single detail comes alive."

Dana and Dave. Very happy!
Dana says, "Martoca is hands down the most stunning venue for a wedding or any other big event. We got married at Martoca in November 2016, and it was absolutely beautiful and flawless. Here is why you should select Martoca over any other venue:
1. Location: You have the option to stay in Sayulita (we loved it there), Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, PV, but still get outside of the cookie cutter resort walls to have a unique, intimate, and private ceremony and reception. Rancho Banderas is a really good place to stay near Martoca (we highly recommend it). Alternatively, you can stay in the fun surf, boho town of Sayulita (we stayed there with our guests), and then you get a very incredible experience with an adorable downtown (a lot like Bali was 10 years ago). Regardless of where you stay, guests will appreciate the unique and stunning views at Martoca.
2. Designer/Planner: Martoca uses Kelley Karchoff (as part of the package) to plan every little detail. We are beyond happy with the elegance and feel of our wedding.
Dana's reception
She made our day (and the days leading up to the venue) entirely stressfree. 

3. Layout: I don't understand why more brides don't understand that the layout is crucial to a successful wedding. Too often, they separate the bar or dance floor from the dining tables. Believe me, I've been to too many $1M weddings that make this mistake -- and it is a real shame. Guests end up distracted at the bar or sitting at the tables, in another area, and then they never make it to the dance floor. You have an empty dance floor, so no one goes onto it, and then suddenly your wedding is remembered as the one where guests went home early. Martoca has the perfect layout. All of our guests were still dancing to the band at 1am in the morning.
4. Fun: Unlike Sayulita or resorts, music, fireworks, and a great time can go until 2am in the morning. They do not shut down at midnight. 
5. Beauty: It goes without saying, the entire place is stunning, with lush gardens, pools, and beach.

Jessica very happy with her hubby learning taco slicing!
Jessica announced, "I would use them again in a heartbeat! Everything I envisioned for my wedding became a reality (and beyond) because of the team from Martoca. Without this team I probably would not have ended up having a wedding, let alone having my dreams come true. I had originally booked my April wedding at a different venue; however, things just weren’t coming together and I wasn’t feeling confident about the way the wedding would turn out. I ultimately decided to leave that venue and left Jimmy a panicked message that same day. Jimmy got back to me in just a few minutes and from that moment on, I finally had the experience I was looking for. I wanted to be a destination bride because I wanted the process to be easy and laid back; however, with the people in our lives traveling and taking the time to celebrate with us we also wanted to offer an amazing time. Thankfully Jimmy and his team are true professionals at what they do; whatever experience you are looking for, they are able provide it (and exceed your expectations!). It only took one email exchange and a quick phone conversation to know that I was in the right hands with the Martoca team."

Melissa in full bridal bliss
Melissa mentioned, "I cannot express how pleased I am with Martoca Beach Garden and staff. After witnessing three weddings at all at different resorts I can say Our wedding was the best!! We had our wedding at Martoca Beach Garden last week and everything was beyond perfect! I can honestly say we had our dream wedding become a reality! From start to finish, Maite was amazing, she made the planning process a breeze. I didn't even have to stress on the day of because everything was ready to go. Our wedding was very private, something you cannot get at any resort, made it even more special. And their photography and video
Angela is very happy!
group was incredible, all the pictures were picture perfect and the video is amazing! I would definitely recommend Martoca Beach garden to anyone looking to get married, Everything was outstanding, delicious food, beautiful scenery, great decorations, top shelf drinks, great service, great staff .. There is nothing I can complain about, and absolutely nothing I would change! All our guest were "wowed" by our wedding." 

Angela and Jeff from Canada are very happy with friends

 Angela and Jeff say, "We arrived at Martoca two days before our wedding to check out the venue. We were blown away by the beauty of the property. The day had finally come and everything exceeded our expectations. We had 60 guests all coming up to us saying how they couldn't believe how amazing everything was. The whole team from the bartenders,DJ,caterers,decor, photographer, videographer and the minister were all exceptional! We can't thank the Martoca Beach Gardens enough for making our dream wedding come true! We would strongly recommend this venue to anyone. It was the best decision of our lives to get married off resort! (Privacy and beauty all in one place)."

Jennie and Colin said, "We are from Vancouver Canada so at first we were very worried about sending money overseas and doing all of the transactions via email. But I would 100% recommend this venue to anyone we know
Jennie and Colin taking pics after ceremony. Go Canada!
family/ friends if they are planning a wedding. Kelly was the wedding coordinator/ wedding specialist extraordinaire. She was so helpful I sent her images of flowers/decor that I liked or wanted and she got everything I asked for and more. I honestly couldn't have pictured how perfect it looked, she went far beyond what I would have ever imagined our wedding to look like. We had 45 guests there and when the guests showed up to the venue everyone was completely blown away with how gorgeous it looked. Absolutely breath taking! I was so happy that we connected with Jimmy(James) he is honestly such an awesome, patient guy to deal with. Thank you so much for everything and for the most amazing fun wedding ever!"
Tiff's wedding was truly amazing
 Tiff wrote to us on review board, "Stunning property. Absolutely gorgeous venue. If you're thinking about a destination wedding - look no further. We traveled all over Mexico looking at venues and ultimately decided upon Puerto Vallarta but were dissatisfied with the typical rules and generic offerings that tend to accompany big corporate hotel properties. After doing some research I stumbled upon Martoca Beach Garden. After we visited the venue we knew this was where we wanted to get married. James and his team really went above and beyond all of our expectations. No detail went overlooked and the end product was just phenomenal. I would highly recommend them to
Erin and Ulises' first dance in Martoca. Fun!
anyone looking to plan a wedding or other event in PV. They are truly masters of their craft."

Erin commented, "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Martoca Beach Garden! I too researched many other locations and when I came across Martoca online, I knew we wanted to get married there. I came into contact with Jimmy and from the first email( and there were many!) he was always so helpful and flexible and would answer any questions I had right away. He found me an amazing wedding planner and helped me set a "package" that suited us. We had 40 guests there for our wedding in January and every single one fell in love with the beauty of Martoca Beach! If you're looking for the most beautiful,magical, romantic destination wedding...THIS is the place!"

Our couples are very happy. Whatever you desire or wherever you are coming from we can help. As you can see, we help brides from all over the world and design and host many styles of weddings. Welcome to Martoca Beach Garden.